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Electrical outlet (receptacle) not working

by Tom Jones

If one or more 110 volt receptacles in your RV are not working, it could be due to one or more of the following:

  • A GFI (ground fault indicator) might have tripped. GFI's are normally built into one or more receptacles and could be located anywhere there's a possibility of water being present. Some examples might be under a sink, in the bathroom, or near a washer/dryer. Outside receptacles or receptacles in storage bins are usually protected by additional GFI's.
  • If your RV has a built-in inverter, one or more breakers on the outside of the inverter box might have tripped.
  • Check the main breaker box on your RV to see if any breakers have tripped.
  • Check the breakers on the power pole at the campground. If you have 50A service, one of the two hot legs may have tripped a breaker.
  • If you're running on the generator, one of the generator breakers might have tripped.
  • If none of the above solve the problem, there might be a loose wire at one of the receptacles. Finding it would require removing the affected receptacle(s) and checking for a loose wire.