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Replacing a sewer dump valve

by forum member weewun

There comes a time in every RV'ers life when a dump valve gets stuck or leaks. Replacement is a relatively simple job, but you do need to take precautions to avoid a mess. The following procedure was posted in a forum message by RV Forum member weewun.

  • Make sure you have a new valve, available at any RV dealer or RV store.
  • Drain both tanks. Be sure to flush the Black Tank thoroughly, it will make for a cleaner job.
  • Remove the four bolts/nuts holding the old valve to be replaced.
  • Remove the old valve by sliding it out.
  • Clean the mounting surfaces thoroughly.
  • Lubricate the mounting surfaces with Vaseline or Gly (a clear grease available at Marine Stores).
  • Slide the new Valve in place and re-insert the bolts and nuts after lubricating them.
  • Tighten the nuts equally so as not to warp the Valve seating.
  • Put water in the Black Tank and check for leaks.
  • No leaks, wash your hands and have a cool-one.