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Noisy water pump

A noisy water pump can ruin the peace and quiet, especially if someone turns on a faucet or flushes the toilet in the middle of the night. This article discusses some of the causes and some fixes.

The usual cause of pump noise is either a loose mount, allowing the pump to vibrate against the floor or a wall, or insufficient slack in the water line to/from the pump. Small water pumps vibrate a lot and can get a water line really reverberating. There is supposed to be several inches of flexible tubing between the pump and more rigid water lines, but few RV manufacturers do that.

The first challenge in fixing a noisy pump is finding the pump itself, which could be located almost anywhere in the RV. It is generally located in the water hook-up bay, close to the water tank or the fresh water drain. However, one of our motorhomes had the water pump behind a panel beneath the refrigerator. Some folks have reported finding their water pump behind a panel under the kitchen sink.

Some of the fixes that folks have found effective are:

  • Tighten loose mounting screws.
  • Re-mount the pump on sections of 2" diameter rubber or vinyl hose to act as shock absorbers.
  • Add lengths of flexible hose between the pump and any rigid hose to prevent pump vibration being transmitted via the rigid hoses.

The following photos, provided by forum member buckle823, show the alternate mounting of a pump and the addition of flexible hoses.