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Finding and fixing compartment leaks

By John Canfield

John posted this tip on how to find compartment leaks, something that we all wish to avoid. But, if it happens, knowing how to find it is a first step to getting it fixed.

You need to have an air hose, air chuck and leak soap. After cleaning the seams around the perimeter of the box exterior, i.e. where it attaches to the body, spray the seams, (edges) with leak soap. Proceed by having someone starting in one corner and working around the box from the inside, blowing compressed air at all seams while having someone else keep an eye out for bubbles.

You will probably also want to spray the feature strip located above the compartment door, as sometimes water gets behind there and finds a tube to run inside the wall and deposit in the compartment. To verify the door seal, the best method is to have someone inside the compartment, if space allows, with someone outside shining a shop/halogen light. Start at one corner and go around the perimeter with the person inside watching for light infiltration.

Usually not too difficult a repair if done properly. In rare cases it's just a condensation issue in humid climates, (Oregon etc.), that can be resolved by putting compartment carpet on the ceiling of the compartment and spraying the outside of the compartment with undercoat or a thin layer of expandable foam.