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Low water flow from faucets

Has the water flow from one or more of your faucets slowed to almost a dribble? Forum members Gary Brinck and Richard Sharp have a simple solution.

Mineral build-up on the screens in the water spigots of the galley and bath sinks is a common problem in many areas. Simply unscrew the head of the outlet and clean off the mesh strainer. Some vinegar may help, but usually it simply rinses out. You may need pliers to unscrew the fitting. If so, place a cloth in the jaws to avoid scratching the finish.

If the fitting just won't come off or is likely to break, turn OFF the the water supply, remove the faucet handle and then remove the the faucet assembly. If you look into the hole where the assembly was, I can see a very fine screen which is pressed into the bottom of the hole. I take an ice pick and gently pry the screen out of the hole (the screen is shaped with a upward bevel along the sides, kind of like a flat-bottomed U with much shorter sides). Use the ice pick on the sides and not the screening surface. After removing the screen, use a towel to cover the hole and very briefly hit the pump switch. The brief water flow flushes out any sediment which falls away from the screen back into the pipe. Clean and replace the screen and faucet assembly. The screen can be pressed back into place with your finger.

Another possible solution offered by Karl Kolbus:

If your problem is mineral deposits, introduce about a gallon of plain vinegar into the hot water heater and get it hot. Then remove the filters/strainers from the offending HW faucets and run until you get some of the vinegar solution coming out, then shut the faucets and let stand for 30 minutes or more. Afterwards, turn on the faucets and flush thoroughly to get rid of all the crud. You'll also have to drain and flush the hot water heater, possibly several times. It'll be a messy task, but should get the job done. Also, I'd recommend you stay away from products like LimeAway; They contain phosphoric acid which, while great for grout, plays havoc with brass and copper fittings.