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No water flow

by Tom Jones

If your water pump is running but there's no water coming out of one or more of your faucets, there could be one or more of the following causes.

  • Check that you haven't shut off the valve that prevents water from flowing from the tank to the rest of the system.
  • If water doesn't flow from one faucet but flows from others, you might have a blocked screen on the faucet. Either unscrew it to clean it, or take a small cup of vinegar and immerse the screen/end of the faucet into it.
  • If the pump has a filter attached to it, remove it and clean it, as crud built up in the filter can prevent water flow.
  • If air is coming out of the hot water side and if you previously drained the hot water tank, it's just the air in your hot water heater. There will be a lot of air coming out until the hot water tank fills and displaces the air. After that you should have water flowing.
  • It's possible the pump isn't priming. If there's an accumulator tank in the line, back pressure from the accumulator can prevent the pump priming. Disconnect the water line from the output side of the pump, run the pump until water flows, then shut the pump off and reconnect the water line. Now turn the pump on and open the faucets until water comes out without air bubbling/spitting.