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Welcome to The RV Forum

Celebrating 25 years online! We were the first RV-related online site.

If you're looking for information on RVs or RVing, wishing to share your own knowledge and experience with others, or just want to chat with fellow RVers, you've come to the right place. The RV Forum is the oldest RV-related online community, and have been around for 25 years. During this time, our members have accumulated and shared a huge knowledgebase of information on virtually every aspect of RVing.

We pride ourselves in being the friendliest place on the web for anyone with an RV or an interest in RVing. Our experienced and knowledgeable forum staff and forum members will respond to your questions, and one of our rules is that there is no 'dumb' question. You can also browse or search our message boards or our extensive knowledgebase.

To get started, just click the RV Forum Community link in the menu above, or click here.

RV Forum Mini Rallies

In addition to the more-formally organized rallies, RV Forum members participate in numerous 'mini rallies'. These are usually informal, often impromptu get-togethers of smaller groups of RVers. You can view announcements and reports of rallies and mini-rallies, and view photos from these events, on our Rallies, Shows and Events message board.

Making music on the road

Many RVers take along a musical instrument to play while relaxing in their RV or while sitting around a campfire. Some have asked about the ideal 'RV-sized' instrument, while others have asked about whether it's OK to play in a campground. We recently opened a new message board entitled Making Music On The Road to bring all these discussions together in one place. You can view this message board by clicking here

New to RVing?

If you're new to RVing you've come to the right place for help. Browse or search our various message boards to read what others have asked and the replies they received. Or post your own question and a member of our team of volunteers, all experienced RVers, will respond.

RV Forum rallies on Google maps

Check out our Google maps feature which shows the locations and dates of RV Forum rallies. You can view the map by clicking RV Forum Community in the menu, clicking Resources in the toolbar, and scrolling down to the link.