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    Class C engine cover customization.

    one thing to remember though... the inner doghouse cover is also removable. in fact, this is sometimes opened when servicing the engine. i'd be very careful with wires etc in here, knowing that you need to be able to remove and set the engine cover aside. would love to see what you come up...
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    Cabover repair, questions!

    Hey, thank you! Yes, I did go through his blog... there are some structural details that I'm looking for and haven't found them yet, though. It's a detailed write-up, and I'm really thankful he's taken the trouble to chronicle it all.
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    Cabover repair, questions!

    Hi all. This is my first post here, so please redirect or correct me if I break any rules / traditions. Here are some photos of the stuff I'm trying to figure out. As usual, this rig has some pretty severe leaks in the front cabover area. It's a 2004 Coachmen Freelander 3100so, in otherwise...
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