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    A re-Hello

    Just a re-hello here, I joined the forums about a year ago when was looking at campers. We decided to wait since we had just had our 2nd child. Well she is 1 years old now and we made the plunge today. We just bought a 07 Trail Runner by Heartland 32 foot today and we pick it up friday. Going...
  2. bberck

    Pittsburgh PA

    If i find me a TT in next couple weeks I have a trip to pittsburgh planned in dec. Can anyone reccommend a good spot to stay close to the city we are going to a football game thx
  3. bberck

    Adirondack Travel trailer

    We are looking for are first TT, we found a 2004 Adirondack Thor by Dutchmen 30ft bunkhouse with 1 slide that we really like. The slide is a dinette and couch slide. I have looked at a lot of TT and the total quality of this one seems real high. From what Ive learned so far seems it has all the...
  4. bberck

    Hi all

    Hello everyone just signed up. We are currently looking for are first travel trailer and I found my way here doing research ;D
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