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    Water Hoses - which one?

    I have 7 hoses from RV Water Filter Store, first ones bought in 2004. Still using all today. Yes they cost more, but when they last 18 years, well you do the math.
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    Whats Your Favorite Snowbird Park In Yuma

    We prefer staying on a Foothill's RV lot rather than in a RV park.
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    Considering a 2004 Travel Supreme Class A -would appreciate input

    You have found what looks like a very clean and well kept MH. As said, Travel Supreme was a high end builder and is always a good choice if maint was done and price is right.
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    Researching 40' - 45' diesel pusher RV. Looking at Monaco ?

    I think a Holiday Rambler Navigator would be close to a Executive.
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    So who is out there on the road now? What's it like??

    We have seen no problems last two months traveling. Have done 50/50 Corp Parks and boondocking. Currently sitting in a huge casino parking lot where they welcome RV's. Will eventually end up in AZ.
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    Jeep Wrangler flat tow - wiring kit preference

    Cooltech for me as well.
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    Where Were You at 911/2001? (19 Years Today) Remembering the Ones Who Perished.

    I was at home recovering from a heart attack watching it live on TV.
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    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Gary RV_Wizard

    Happy Birthday Gary   Keep all the good info coming.
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    Winnebago purchases Newmar

    Just read nine pages of doom and gloom on another forum. Caught everyone by surprise.
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    2019 Grand National Rally Forest City, IA

    Wow, things must be changing more than I thought.
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    Traveling Highway 2

    I have taken 2 from Duluth all the way to Washington, as  said, fine road. This year we took 12 out, another great road.
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    Idaho Rt 12

    Just traveled that road on motorcycles. As stated, great road with trucks and trailers traveling as well.
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    Hello from Minnesota

    Welcome from another Minnesotan. Enjoy the new 5th wheel. We're currently in MN getting DR work done at Mayo. Looks like it is going to get very hot and humid going forward.
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