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    Parking brake

    Chevy gas 454
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    Parking brake

    Hi! I haven't used my rv in a few years due to lack of funds. I have a 1991 Ultrastar and I can't get the parking break to release. I can't even see where it goes. Any ideas? I was thinking of taking the calipers off and working them in and out to see if they are stuck.
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    No power to fridge

    My fridge kept blowing the fuse and I fixed the problem. Now I have power to the DC fuse in the breaker box but none at the wires that connect to the circuit board. Is there something I might be missing like low coach batteries or a inline breaker somewhere? It is a 1990 Ultrastar. Thanks Brian
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    mari osa delta lane campground

    I have been to there page but I know how they can be deceiving. I try to look up reviews and ask people who have stayed there. I stayed at a place once that looked great but after staying there then reading the reviews uuugggg.
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    mari osa delta lane campground

    Hi, I saw them in the Heartland Outdoors newsletter has anyone ever stayed here? The website looks good and the rates seem reasonable. Thanks Brian
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    difference between and advantages between diesel pusher and diesel puller?

    I have 4 kids and a wife, I need all the noise I can get :)
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    RV Damaged, recommend not buying-storing at Barrington RV

    I bought my RV from Barrington and loved it. Bruce was my salesman and was very knowledgeable. On the other hand when I went to Abel to buy my RV before I went to Barrington it was horrible. I told the salesman at able I only had $60,000 to spend and they kept showing us RV's in the $150,000...
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    Fridge problem

    I guess I will fix it somehow did not know new ones were $1500  on the cheap end ugggggggg any good sites on how to test circuit boards for dummies?
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    Fridge problem

    Hi guys, I have a Norcold 662, the toggle switch for on off humid was not working on normal so I switched it with a new one. When I plugged it back in it had no power, long story short I figured out it blew the 3 amp fuse. replaced fuse and still no power, I thought the new switch might be bad...
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    Older Motor Homes?

    We have a 1990 Ultrastar and wouldn't trade it for the world. We have it in a jellystone park that we can go to anytime with the kids. Brian
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    A few questions

    1. The line that goes into my water heater has a metal band on it instead of a clamp. Is there a special tool to apply those bands or can I use a clamp I have to replace the fitting. 2. I have been trying to remove the toilet because the part that moves the flapper broke, it says to remove the...
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    Coachmen quality?

    I have a nice motorhome a 1991 ultrastar that I bought. I also have a 1978 coachman that I got to work on and sell from a friends friend who wanted to get ride of it.  The coachman is what it is. It is a lower quality MH. it has a good motor a ford 460 on a class c frame  dont know what kind it...
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    Advice for 94 Fleetwood Flair

    I would advise that if you realy love your MH then put in a new engine. I have a 1991 ultrstar that I want to keep for ever if possible so I would not hesitate putting in a new engine. Just my 2 bits. Brian
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    Country Coach renovation Pictures

    Nice job!!!! Im next in line when your done, I pay$2.50 a hour and I will even buy the parts :) Brian
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    High Mileage

    I wish I could put 25,000 a year on my MH.  sigh Brian
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