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    Jekyll Island Georgia

    not much very close to in next door close. The fishing pier previously mentioned is is the driftwood beach. Most of the other stuff on the island is further South.
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    How to handle the "camping boom"

    sadly, we have been struggling with this issue since long before the wuhan flu. Seems like things were shifting for the worse more than 10 years ago here in Florida, and have gotten noticeably worse maybe in the last 5 years or so.... used to be that only the premo stuff on the coast were hard...
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    Best shower head

    I put the small funny looking oxygenics in back before they had all the normal looking options. Don't like the way it looks...but it's a shower head....don't really care. The thing is wonderful in the RV. Infinitely better than the factory garbage! It drastically increases the velocity of...
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    Converting a Generator to Propane

    I'll suggest that since there's less energy per gallon of LP than there is per gallon of gasoline, that you'll be burning through propane a lot quicker. And propane is harder to get filled and often more expensive. I wouldn't do it.  Stick with gasoline try cracking a window instead of running...
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    full timing on a boat

    I remember reading that a few of you here have previously full timed on a boat.  I'm curious about your thoughts...and don't recall a recent thread on the topic.  Similar to RVing but different.... We are still working office jobs, but as weekend RV'ers have discussed many time doing a...
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    Ford V-10 Gas very LOUD

    I've read about several similar projects over on the Thor forum.  It's something I've considered many times....but there are only so many minutes in a day...and besides, I've kinda gotten used to it
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    GM and Chevrolet trucks?

    I favored the GM trucks for years, but I agree about these new styles.  So much so that recently I was on the fence about going Ford. Ended up in an electric Audi though. Big transition for this truck guy. Watching a youtube video recently, and automotive engineering consultant named Munro.  He...
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    Air Compressor

    I bought this one about a year ago to keep on board.  I needed a relatively small size BOSTITCH CAP1512-OF 1.2 Gallon Oil-Free High-Output Trim Compressor Not really meant for high volume tire inflation but I've been happy with it.  Seems like a good one. a lot better than the little 1 gallon...
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    Your RV generator as your homes emergency generator

    That was one of my biggest takeaways from from my early hurricane experiences.  I grew up in the Wilmington NC area and we get hit a lot there.  I remember one of the storms that hit not long after we moved there...I was probably high school age...lost power for roughly a week.  The house was a...
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    Your RV generator as your homes emergency generator

    Lous link is exactly the thing an electrician showed me just last week here in FL. I'm getting estimates for a subpanel.  I need an additional circuit to charge an electric car, so while I'm at it I plan to finally get a outlet installed for the RV too.  I've been getting by ok all these years...
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    How does it work

    I did the same think in my 2006 Silverado.  I don't remember the cost to repair it... I want to say I bought the part and did it myself, but I'm not even sure about that.  Reagrdless...I'll sometimes pack in a little past the click but no longer stuff the pipe full. and yeah, I suppose...
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    Is it safe to put a 1/2 gallon of bleach & 10 gallons water in the black tank

    yeah, I go easy with bleach.  I don't know what the valve seals are bade of.  I believe my tank and pipes are all ABS, which has a B rating....not great but ok for limited time.  the seals though are an unknown. and besides the bleach would just corrode the metal "contacts" that are the sensors....
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    what kind of stone is this

    if you have a college nearby, maybe they have a geology department.  Many years ago I knew a girl from Costa Rica attending grad school in geology at UT Dallas in Richardson.  Lost touch with her a long time ago, but I'll bet folks there would know.
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    How do I get rid of moles in my lawn

    I remember mole hunting as a kid, with dad when we lived up in Iowa. We would sit quietly on the picnic table in the and watch the tunnels.  i think he'd gently step on a few places, then  If still and quiet so as not to spook them...and if you can catch them'll see them pushing up...
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    Installing Outdoor Speakers, new wiring run

    I think this answer in a big way depends on familiarity with that trailer and how it's built....which i don't have. and kinda depends if the stereo amp head has easier access up or down.  I'd probably focus on chasing the existing wires that are there now and see which direction they go...
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