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    Question about hwy 97 in oregon vs i5 (eugene to weed)

    We live in Bend. Drive 97 often. Even without snow or ice it is a VERY DANGEROUS highway. Have her take 5, NOT 97.
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    New to the RV Game

    Know how all your systems work before you go. Have some kind of well rounded tool box on board. Be prepared to “roll with the punches.” Most of all HAVE FUN!
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    spooky water pump

    This happened to me when we first got our class c home(2014 Jayco). In the driveway. Pump switch by entrance door and in bathroom. Both off. There was another pump switch in the outdoor shower compartment. With the shower hose wrapped up, door to compartment closed it would hit the rocker switch...
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    Paying cash on new 5er

    Summergirl488, We ended up at Big Country. Had'nt gone there, heard they were expensive. Shopped online all over the country. Were going to go to Johnson RV up by Sandy. For the heck of it we stopped in Big Country and found what we wanted. Still went up to Johnson RV(let Big Country know that)...
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    Paying cash on new 5er

    You are buying at the peak of the season. If you can wait until next winter you will get a better deal.  The dealers and salesmen get real hungry in the winter. Especially in the snowy states. And in our case, here in Bend Oregon, cash was king. Used 2014 Greyhawk , did our research, did more...
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