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  1. Bob Maxwell

    L'Shana Tovah,

    A Happy New Year filled with blessings to our Jewish RV Framily members!!!
  2. Bob Maxwell

    Live RV Chat, Wednesdays 7pm ET to 9pm ET

    October 10th, and it is getting started in 13 minutes!  ;D Modify message
  3. Bob Maxwell

    Another use for my RV

    Two weeks ago, I found an unexpected use for my Suncruser and tow. My son (disabled since an industrial accident in ?95,) called and said, ?Dad, my Dr. (a back specialist in Tucson,) that all my disks are gone between my vertebrae and in 1-3 years they will fuse together. Make a fist with your...
  4. Bob Maxwell

    George Akers RIP

    Until George went to meet his Creator. he always rode for the Brand the cowboy way.
  5. Bob Maxwell

    George Mullen Passed away

    George was Navy Blue. He enlisted and made Chief Petty Office in 3? years and was in Officer Candidate School shortly after. There was a picture of him on a carrier with an Admiral where George was Commander. I did an exhaustive search in the early 90's and then we both were early adopters of...
  6. Bob Maxwell

    Route suggestions Pensacola-San Antonio?

    Good to see you here Elly! ;D
  7. Bob Maxwell

    It's Wednesday - A reminder to join us in Chat tonight.

    The chat is going and Rocky and I are here. Happy New Year!
  8. Bob Maxwell

    RV spaces for $300.00 a month

    No one has mentioned the great COE (Corps of Engineers,) parks. They have tables and electric but no on-site sewer, only dump stations. Those with trucks as a tow can use a plastic tank with a macerator in the back and drive that to the dump site without having to move.
  9. Bob Maxwell

    How do you keep the memory foam topper on the bed?

    An electric heating pad, 120 or 12 volts, can save on heating the RV during winter. 18 Wheel Truck Drivers have used them for decades.
  10. Bob Maxwell

    Magnum 2000 Failure - Now What?

    Sounds like Ken had some good advice. Are you in NM for the Balloon Fiesta?
  11. Bob Maxwell

    Sleep Number Bed. Great or regret.

    We love ours in the house. We have a standard mattress pad and then dual controlled Sunbeam heating mattress pad. We can keep the coach or house cooler with the heating pads in both. You can get them in 12v too.
  12. Bob Maxwell

    Spring Branch Texas Mini Rally

    I miss your posts and your smile. I was telling Betty about your wonderful location --except for the juniper which is both of our main allergies!
  13. Bob Maxwell

    Recap of our first year with our new coach

    I discovered Zero Water as a first adopter and now we are on our 2nd 30 cup dispenser unit after 6? years. I then control my diet and supplement with the right quantity of minerals and vitamins. I've had no digestive problems since starting on this path, lost 60#and increased my EF from +/- 10%...
  14. Bob Maxwell

    Oxygenics Body Spa shower head still best bang for the buck?

    That's why many of us put them in our stick and brick house as well. Saving water is always a good thing!
  15. Bob Maxwell

    Any plug in hybrids currently available for flat tow?

    I'd also check out the Toyota Ioniqbut you'll need to see if there's neutral with the 8 spd auto. Our '14 Accord 8 speed has one and all Hondas are towable.
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