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    OIL Change - Timeframe ???

    I had the oil & filter changed in 10/2011. This has been 2 years. Mileage was 44,850. Engine is a 350 Cummins (8.3L). It's been in storage. Currently, has 46,300 miles. A difference of 1,450 miles. However, every 2 -3 weeks start it up and let it run for 45 minutes to an hour. Planning...
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    Thermostat Problem ?

    Gary, Thanks very much with your response. Performed the process you described and the thermostat is still not working. Degrees displays "00" on the face plate. Cannot toogle from zone 1 to zone 2. Any other thoughts ? Seems to be pointing to a new thermostat......
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    Thermostat Problem ?

    03 Fleetwood Revolution wit a Coleman-Mach ZC Thermostat.Both AC's units not working. Started with the back unit fcompressor coming on then stopping with only the fan running. Disconnected the Thermostat and started working again for a short time. The thermostat reads "00" degrees cannot...
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    Fleetwood Revolution bumps / bulges on the sides ????

    I have a 03 Fleetwood Revolution(36,000 miles) and noticed on the outside walls of the coach I have bulges / bumps. It seems that the wall frame is starting to cause these bulges / bumps. You can see the outline of the frame in some areas. Is this normal or is it a defect issue that needs to...
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    Ideas cleaning tape graphics ?

    Any ideas about cleaning wax & oxidation off of the tape graphics on the side of a coach ? What product will add shine & lustre to the graphics ?
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    Any Feedback regarding a Fleetwood Revolution ????

    I getting ready to pull the trigger and trading in my 99 Allegro Bus and upgrading to a 03 Fleetwood Revolution. Can anybody provide information regarding the Revolution good and/or bad whatever. Any and all information is very appreciated. :o
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    Erratic Windshield Wipers.....

    When dash switch is turned off the Windshield wipers are ending up in the middle of windshield instead of the center.... Tried to adjust the wipers themselves but no resolution. Is my problem with the dash switch ??? ???
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    Selling to an RV Broker ????

    Has anyone had an experience selling your RV to a RV Broker ?  Can you recommend a Broker ? The few I have contacted will only give you 85% of NADA Wholesale. Is consignment a better route ?
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    Sell Yourself or Trade it in ?

    Looking to upgrade my 99 Allegro Bus (She wants more slides) !!!!  Any advice regarding whether to sell the coach myself or is it easier in the long run just to trade it in ????
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    Feedback regarding 02 or 03 Fleetwood Revolution ?????

    Currently, looking to upgrade our 99 Allegro Bus to a 02 or 03 Fleetwood Revolution. I understand that 02 was the first year for the Revolution. Does anybody own or have knowledge of either of these vehicles. The 02 I am looking at has 12,000 miles on it is this good or bad ? Dealer states that...
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