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    Hood Latch Part

    You REALLY need to let folks know the YEAR, TYPE, and MODEL NUMBER for your RV if you expect folks to be able to help you out with something like this. Based on another posting of yours, and assuming you are referring to a '2006 Itasca, F53 chassis, 30b Sunova', you should take a look at the...
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    Ultimate Advantage Radio Issues

    Page 12 of the Front End Wiring Installation diagram (for your coach) shows the location for the amplifier, equalizer, etc.
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    A Light below "Jacks Down" light on dashboard

    I believe that it's the infrared receiver (probably dark red) for the radio remote on the steering wheel. You can see it on page 3 of the Dash Radio Installation diagram for your coach.
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    2005 Winnebago Journey Door remote sensor

    According to page 5 of the Front End Wiring Installation diagram for your coach it looks like it's under the dash above the driver's feet. (OnEdit: Correct link)
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    Help - no house power !!

    In case it helps, here's the Battery Installation diagram for the 2008 Horizon 40KD. (I don't know which of the three models (FD, KD, TD) you have, but I would expect the battery wiring to be the same for each.)
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    Adventurer ceiling construction

    I'd like to know that info as well regarding our 2005 roofs...
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    Links to plumbing and wiring diagrams have disappeared!

    Hope that's a sigh of relief! Looks like Winnebago fixed that link when they said they did and my cache was out of date when I checked for the fix--problem on my end fixed by forced update of page in my browser.
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    Links to plumbing and wiring diagrams have disappeared!

    Fixed now--perhaps my browser cache wasn't properly flushed. Sorry for any confusion.
  9. cbeierl

    Links to plumbing and wiring diagrams have disappeared!

    Still broken on this page as of 3/15/2022 12:36 EDT.
  10. cbeierl

    Links to plumbing and wiring diagrams have disappeared!

    John, just fyi, this link on the Winnebago page is still broken. (If you add in the missing 'r' it works fine.)
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    what jack to use

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    Why these headlights?

    I'm pretty sure that the 2005 Journey uses headlights from a 1998 Pontiac Grand Am as seen in this Amazon link. Something does look a little screwy with the way your light is positioned. Here's a pic from the 2005 Winnebago Journey brochure as well as a closeup from another coach:
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    2006 Ford E-450 battery wiring - which wire goes to the house?

    You may find these wiring diagrams for your coach helpful: Chassis Wiring Installation Chassis Electrical Box Assembly Body, 12 Volt Wiring Diagram Body, 12 Volt Wiring Installation Your complete wiring diagrams are available here: Wiring Diagrams
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    Worn rear bushings - 50 hours labor?

    On this ADL-120 rear suspension the "adjustable axle alignment" is provided by 'alignment blocks' which are just some special washers which are welded into place over an elongated hole in the 'equalizing beams' on the sides of the suspension, thus allowing some forward/aft adjustment on one (or...
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    2007 Winnebago Sightseer29R - jacks don't work

    That almost sounds like it might not be the furnace but rather the rear auxiliary automotive heater, but I don't think the 2007 Sightseer had that feature (I know the 2007 Adventurer and some other gas models did).
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