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    No 120v power from Generator

    Okay as I suspected, you have 30 amp 120 volt ac. With your ac voltmeter you should get 120 volts between the 2 slanted slots. It is NOT 240. You should also read 120 between one of the slanted slots and the round hole and zero volts between the other slot and the round hole (ground). Also, the...
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    HepvO Sanitary Waste Valves

    The pump isn't putting pressure on it. The top of the standpoint is open, so the pressure is just atmospheric pressure. My guess is that it is stuck closed.
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    No 120v power from Generator

    Is your coach 50 amp,? Does the plug have 3 blades and a round pin? Or does it have 2 blades and a pin? 2 blades and a pin are 120 volts 30 amps.
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    No 120v power from Generator

    Pogrom, welcome to the forum. Do you have an outlet in the compartment where you power cord stows? If so, you plug the power cord into that outlet. The outlet is fed yby the generator. The battery disconnect switch should be near the door so you could reach it while standing outside.
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    The almanac winter predictions 2021-2022

    I don't believe 80% accuracy.
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    How to unstuck the dreaded glue....

    Yep sswzall. For glued things, try a heat gun.
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    Water pump - any harm if tank is dry?

    Don't you have a freshwater tank drain?
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    Looking for someone to remove paint protection film in SW Florida

    Thanks again Gary. All set up for Nov 8.
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    Looking for someone to remove paint protection film in SW Florida

    I'm looking for someone in SW Florida to remove the paint protection film from the front of my coach. I have seen a number of posts about people doing it themselves. But I am 78 years old with arthritis and both shoulders replaced. So I can't do it myself. But I certainly can pay someone to do...
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    RV Quality, 2021 Dealers across the country are fed up

    I for one believe the article and can understand the author not identifying his sources. We read these stories every day right here on this forum. But when a dealer agrees that there is a quality problem, it becomes unbelievable. Some people!?
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    Outerbanks in October

    Ahhh. Time to get Karnac out to read minds. But I can't recall seeing him since Johnny Carson died.
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    Fender replacement question

    Looks like the fender could be held on the same way as on my 2018 Ford door trim. It has about 30 little plastic anchors that push into holes in the door. You can't see them without removing the trim piece. I think you might be able to see them from underneath.
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    Slide out parts

    Rene is right. You need to give information. Motorhome model, slideout brand and model. A picture of the slideout control panel will help.
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    My new RV is a . . . .

    I would not take delivery until everything is working properly. I spent a week doing the PDI on my used Journey. (And it was used). I would find something; they would take the coach, fix it, bring it back. Next day same drill. I have seen many war stories about very shoddy or no service after...
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