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    1000 Trails

    We belong to TT and are very happy with them.  BUT you have to use the parks.  We did not pay full price for membership but wht we did pay we have more than made up for in our stays.  Yes some are out of the way but what we do it stay at one and look and found all the things we can do in about...
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    fifth wheel with 2 bedroom area

    I am sure this has been covered, however wondering if any suggestions fro a 2 bedroom fifth wheel.  I am assuming that is the only thing a 2 bedroom would come in. c
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    getting mail on the road

    We have used FMCA mail forwarding service for two years now and they have been the best we have found.  Yes they mail by last name but it is every week.  Our's is mailed on Thursday and most of the time we have our mail on Saturday.  We have had no problems with them, can't say that about all...
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    slide adjustment

    Thanks, we have a national dolphin.  We had to leave the AZ area due to family medical emrgy so we find ourselves back in the Houston Tx area.  We will look around here and find a shop.  We will have to be in the area for at least a month.  Thanks for the infor. Cheryl
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    slide adjustment

    All of a sudden our slide is leaving marks on the wood floor in the galley.  Seems to go in and out with no problems and really makes no noise other than normal.  Can anyone tell me what is involved in adjusting the slide (our slide is on the port side and the galley and sofa are on it).  Any...
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    Bluck, wondering if you can give us so imformation.  We are heading, hope to be in Deming on Friday and wanted to drive up to Silver City while there.  If the weather clears di you think it would be possible to make the trip p to Silver City based on your knowledge of the area.  Thanks Cheryl
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    St George Island - Florida

    Go to the Fl State Park Web Site and they have all st parks listed with information.  It is a great park. C
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    Safe overnighting in FL rest areas?

    The all night guards are still at the ones that state they have them.  We have stayed at serveral of the rr in FL and have had no problem.  You can bet that a big old truck will come park right next to you even though the place may be half empty. c
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    Howdy from ICY and COLD Hondo, TX!!

    We currently sit about 12 miles from Pipe Creek Tx just around Medina Lake.  COOOOLD, ICY and Texas should not have white stuff on the ground.  Just heard on the radio that I-10 is closed E/W from Boerne to Junction.  Saw a few folks pulling out this am in the sleet, they are brave souls!  We...
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    Help with Point and Shoot

    We have a kodak Easy Share CX7530 and it is a GREAT easy to carry pocket camera.  We got it at Walmart.  I think you would be happy with this camera. Cheryl
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    San Augustine Texas

    We do have a few pictures and I will try to post them in the next day or two.  Cheryl
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    San Augustine Texas

    If you ever find your way to San Augustine TX and need a nice place to stay look at this... San Augustine City owned and operated RV park.  32 paved full hookup sites in a nice piney wood setting.  We just spent a week there and even though 3 other rigs were in the park never saw anyone.  Rates...
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    dumping black water issues

    Would nor care and did not care to know hi name.  he did have a brand new very high dollar fifth wheel.  Can not even make myself think about how the inside looks or smells. The park has been a good park so far, can not avoid all parks that stupid folks come to, after all where would all of us...
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    dumping black water issues

    His coach was not that close but  his sewer dump was on our side and when he cleared his sewer hose he walked over into what one would conside our part of the grass, guess this guy felt that the entire park was his. The manager of the park says this guys is a regular that comes throught about...
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    dumping black water issues

    I know this has been covered before but this morning as we sat drinking our coffee we watched the guy next to us get ready to go.  1. did not put the dump hose on correctly and sewer dripping all over the ground 2. once finshed he tool the dump hose off and let the cap stay off while he started...
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