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    Cashmores in Baja (FWD)

    <<Hey George, any reason Colette doesn't post those reports herself? >> Force of habit, as George says. <G> I send them out of Outlook Express, can they be e-mailed directly to the forum, or would I have to be on the internet, in this site to post 'em? I'm guessing the last. Colette
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    Flat screen TVs

    <<My son recently mentioned to me that he saw a system where you paint the screen on your wall and project to it. >> They did a story on Tech TV last summer about the paint you use for that. There is a couple on the next beach who have made a screen and painted it. It hinges up on the ceiling...
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    Power of tens

    <<came across someone demonstrating a Tens machine>> I've used one for several years now, I have problems with my hip when sitting for long journeys and it really helps. They use them in England for childbirth, much better than drugs! Colette
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    Home from home

    Hi! Great to hear from you, and to hear that you will be back across the pond in the not too distant future. We haven't had a chance to see our forum friends much lately, too much to do down here in Baja. We got a good deal on an 1100 square meter piece of waterfront property, but there was a...
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    Glad to see you-all are back <G>

    <<So, Colette, does this mean you are on the way back north, or even already in the Delta RV park?>> No, it'll be awhile before we're back at Peace Arch, we're in the midst of construction here, a storage building at beach level, a set of stairs next to it, and a retaining wall across the front...
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    Glad to see you-all are back <G>

    Okay! The forum has a new home, that's great. I see I am already WAY behind in the messages, I'll try to catch up, in my "free" time. <G> Colette
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    New to RV Forum Community w/ a question: 5th wheel or travel trailer?

    << most (all??) states prohibit pasengers in a 5th wheel trailer while under way.>> Unless the rules have changed (always a possibility) it is legal in some states, but you must have communication between the trailer and the tow vehicle, easily accomplished with an FRS radio. However, even if...
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