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    WI company wont support troops

    I've been watching this on for a week or so.  It's been marked "true" every time I've read it.  The company vice-president who blamed it on an out of control employee has had adequate time to respond with a statement saying the company doesn't feel that way and apologizing.  He hasn't...
  2. CurtRR

    New Big RIg RVer and member here

    Texas has no property tax on vehicles owned by individuals.  Annual registration fees on a motor home are in the $325 range, and cars/trucks are $65.  Certain veterans: Purple Heart recipients, Pearl Harbor Survivors, former POWs, and Medal of Honor winners get free ($3 actually) registration on...
  3. CurtRR

    New Big RIg RVer and member here

    There you go.  That alone is a reason to have an Escapees membership, a Texas address. :)
  4. CurtRR

    New Big RIg RVer and member here

    Is the FMCA address in Texas?
  5. CurtRR

    New Big RIg RVer and member here

    I was unaware that FMCA offers a mail forwarding service similar to Escapees.  We're FMCA members and plan to join Escapees when the house sells for the mail forwarding service.  The Livingston, Texas address will lower our auto insurance significantly.
  6. CurtRR

    Interstate 10

    Methinks I10 isn't as bad as some of you are making out.  Louisiana has and will always have worst roads than the surrounding states because of the aforementioned graft of the political machine running the place.  They make the Mafia look like the Boy Scouts. But I-10 through Texas isn't that...
  7. CurtRR

    Cats in motorhomes

    We're learning slowly about cats in motorhomes.  We thought we had worked out a plan on our first trip.  We put the 2 cats and dog in the front, closed the bedroom door, and brought the slides in.  Then we put the cats and dog in the back and brought the front slides in.  Then we opened the...
  8. CurtRR

    California's Combined Length Limit

    Methinks I shall "refuse loads" into California as well.  I didn't leave anything there I have to go back for. ;)
  9. CurtRR

    Looking at a "new" 2006 motor home with a ...mercede diesel engine??

    We seem to be talking about 2 completely different classes of engines.? The 2.7 liter turbodiesel on the Dodge/Mercedes Sprinter chassis is similar to the 3.2 liter turbodiesel used on the 2004-2006 Mercedes E320CDI sedan.? This is as bulletproof an engine as there is.? It uses the Common-rail...
  10. CurtRR

    ULSD availability and pricing

    ML320CDI and Dutch Star Both burn diesel.? One gets 21-27 mpg.? The other doesn't.? One accelerates quickly and cruises at 130 mph.? The other doesn't.? One has 2 TVs and a queen sized bed.? The other doesn't.
  11. CurtRR

    My review of the Newmar Allstar model 3950 and 3951.

    Well, the water/sewer is between the slide outs.? The power cable, however, is under the rear slide out. Utility Hookups
  12. CurtRR

    My review of the Newmar Allstar model 3950 and 3951.

    I looked long and hard at the All Star (3953).? The idea of having my reloading shop in the coach was very tempting.? But the problem is you're living in a 30 ft. coach with a 10 ft. shop.? But the quality was very impressive and got us to looking at other Newmars.? We settled on a Dutch Star...
  13. CurtRR

    ULSD availability and pricing

    The newly opened Flying J in Brookshire, Texas, has ULSD at $2.32 gallon.? This is below the prevailing price for diesel in the area. Nice place, too.? I was filling the ML, not the MH, so I don't know what was over in the truck pumps.? But, except for test vehicles, most of the people needing...
  14. CurtRR

    Newbie needs info on Registering a RV to be used as Full Time Residence.

    Registration of a motor home in Texas is about $325/year, and no personal property taxes on it.? Sales tax is 6.25% on the purchase price less trade-in.? If the MH has been registered elsewhere and taxes paid, a new resident fee is nominal, $25 or so. Texas has no income tax.? Property taxes...
  15. CurtRR

    Ultra Low Sulfur Availability & Issues?

    California already requires 100% ULSD, so, naturally they would get it first.? The Flying J in Houston has it.? Flying J is opening a new place a few blocks from my RV Park soon.? There is a Citgo truck stop, and a Chevron.? Hugo Chavez makes me want to go elsewhere.? Unfortunately they're...
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