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    Post a joke

    The only cow in a small town in Northern Italy stopped giving milk. Then the town folk found they could buy a cow in Sicily quite cheaply. So, they brought the cow over from Sicily. It was absolutely wonderful. it produced lots of milk every day and everyone was happy. They bought a bull to...
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    Ever been searched? (your RV that is)

    All the time. I'm retired military and I frequent military campsites. It's usually cursory, but if alerts are heightened they go through the basement compartments.
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    Mini PC recommendation

    I've bought two of the Lenovo Tiny PCs and they're great. The link is just an example as it's over your budget. I bought mine from TigerDirect and eBay, both being refurbished. Both were under $200
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    Hotspot Data Connections

    I'm using a GL.iNet GL-AR750S-Ext (Slate) Gigabit Travel AC VPN Router
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    Ozone Generator

    You are correct!  My SoClean CPAP cleaner uses ozone as well, but it filters and locks me out for two hours after its seven-minute cycle.
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    Ozone Generator

    I didn't see any threads on this one and thought I'd bring it up. My DW is a fantastic cook but over time the odors build up in the sticks and bricks and no amount of windows open refreshes the house.  We bought an Ozone generator and it does a fantastic job of eliminating the odors. Since our...
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    Steps Not Working

    I'm very happy for you! On the other hand, I hate mysterious fixes :)
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    Onan Cummins RVQD 3200 problem

    Have you checked the error codes?
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    Onan Micro Quite Generator Issues

    It sure sounds like you've covered all the bases.  The only thing I can think of is to rebuild/replace the carb.  Also, check the fuel hoses for brittleness or leaks that could possibly introduce air and cause vapor locks.  Hoses are cheap to replace anyway. I'm no expert and I'm kinda...
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    HWH 325 sieres Leveling Systems

    I had great luck and service from Chuck Stuart at Stuart's Service.  [email protected]  or 800-826-6267.  His knowledge of HWH products is remarkable and he sells all the parts that you might need.
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    New gal w/a question!

    Just post your problem here with the details of your rig and problem.  The admins are good about moving it later to an appropriate section.
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    Refrigerator Vent
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    Refrigerator Vent

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    Refrigerator Vent

    I used this method to install two external very quiet fans on my upper vent cover.  Worked great.  My stock 12-volt fan was dead.
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