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    Hurricane/Tropical storm Nicholas.

    We are in Rockport, about ~160 miles SW of Houston and we were very happy that the storm stayed offshore. Being on the West side of the eye we had only occasional rain and even some sunshine by Monday afternoon. Today was mostly sunny and hot. After what Harvey did to Rockport four years ago...
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    Soft kids generation

    I agree that losing is an important part of "growing up." When we started awarding "participation trophies", we tried to pretend as if no one ever has to lose. Unfortunately, that's not how life is.
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    Connectivity in the boonies

    When RVers complain that there was no cell service at a particular location, what they often mean is that the cellular carrier they were using didn't have service there. There's a lot to be gained by having an account with a second (or even a third) carrier. Sometimes there's perfectly fine...
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    What electrical protection do I really need?

    We have a hardwired Progressive EMS in our MH and it has kept us out of real trouble several times in the past ~10 years. It's usually not "surge" problems you have to worry about, but, rather, miswired or poorly wired pedestals. Once I had to get the power company to respond when my EMS kept...
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    New Mexico in winter

    Agreed! If there is snow on Sandia crest, you can access the ski slopes by taking the tram from the city up to the top of the ski run. No driving on snow-covered roads required. That's how our daughter was able to ski all through high school, long before we would have let her drive to the ski...
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    Splendide washer/dryer combo delete

    We've been full-timing for >10 years and my wife lists the Splendide as one of the key reasons she enjoys the lifestyle. You get used to the small size by washing more loads. It's a lot better than not having one IMO.
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    Dometic 15K Brisk II AC Dead on Arrival - Checklist

    I'm not so sure about that. Last year I had two new Coleman Mach 8+ heat pumps installed. One of the two that were shipped was DOA. One of the reasons I went with Coleman was that my mobile mechanic said that they had had multiple DOA's from Dometic.
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    Should I consider Diesel?

    These discussion about how long diesels can sit always seem to ignore the many thousands of agricultural and construction equipment that sit for many months at a time and then fire up just fine when needed. As has been already noted, diesel fuel is more stable than gasoline and a little biocide...
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    NPS Institutes Mask Mandate

    Even if I believed that unattributed statement to be true, which I don't, having a PhD is not evidence of knowing anything about epidemiology or medicine, in general. I have a PhD, in physics, which gives me absolutely no authority to provide useful insight into the COVID situation. Having a...
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    Carrier Rooftop Air Conditioning Units

    I had involvement with a 2008-2009 Monaco Cayman that had those awful A/C's.
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    GPS or map provided by campground?

    Most of the time we use the directions provided by the campground for traveling those last few miles. More than once we have found them to be better than what the GPS suggested. Even an RV-GPS doesn't "know" if one exit off the interstate will be on an easier to drive road than another exit.
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    Fantastic fan question

    Yes, I have the Maxxair cover that is sold for use with powered vent fans. I've had them for >10 years. They work well.
  13. docj

    Fantastic fan question

    We have Maxxair covers on both of our fans and never worry about the rain. Personally, I wouldn't want a rain sensor since that would limit when I could use the fans.
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    6v vs 12v

    It's really pretty easy and is done all the time. I have four 6-volt batteries in my motorhome bay. Connected end to end a pair provides 12 volts. The biggest issue I can think of is do you have the space for them?
  15. docj

    Obsolete thermostat

    There appear to be places on the internet who have them for sale. Here's one: Atwood Hydro Flame 38535 RV Heater Furnace Digital 2 Stage Wall Thermostat
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