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    Carshield Insurance

    In all the cases cited the policies were purchased with new vehicles and were a single payment. Most of the policies purchased were roughly 7 years and 100,000 miles. As for parts not being covered, I only purchased policies that covered "everything."
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    Carshield Insurance

    In general, I agree with everything that has been said about extended warranties for vehicles and other things. That having been said, I personally have had multi-thousand dollar payouts on two different vehicles that essentially put me in the black for on such policies for my entire life. On...
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    Need electrician to evaluate

    We had a similar situation at our own RV lot in coastal TX a couple of years ago. Our Progressive EMS kept shutting down and it was showing high voltage on one of the two lines feeding our pedestal. I called the power company and the technician tightened every single connection between our...
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    Looking for front window curtains

    My wife has made curtains for the front and side windows. She's now planning on going with Roman shades for the side windows.
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    Inverter kicks out when microwave is started

    The OP doesn't say whether or not he has a generator onboard. I've never assumed that my inverter was designed to handle loads >1kW. That's when I fire up the generator. We often do that just to heat up food for lunch. The fact that modern Li batteries make it possible to power a microwave...
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    Walmart Marketplace Beware

    Just make your purchases at Ace using your Ace Rewards account. That way there is a online record of everything you buy. No questions about whether or not you have a receipt.
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    LED bulbs to replace RV incandescent bulbs

    X2; we replaced all the "puck" lights with LEDs ~5 years ago when they were still rather pricey in many places. I went on eBay and paid <$1.50 each. They are warm white, don't flicker and none have burned out. If you prefer to purchase LEDs from a domestic source where you can specify exactly...
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    Winegard ConnecT 2.0+ /FireTV

    I strongly suggest that the OP take a look at some of the material available at the Mobile Internet Resource Center (MIRC): Internet for RV & Boats The folks who run MIRC provide accurate, unbiased information. Some of it is free; some requires a subscription. But IMO it is the best place...
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    Drawer Catch

    Although all my work has been on replacement latches, the way I would approach the problem would be to install the latch and insert the "catch". Then coat the mounting surfaces of the catch with paint or ink. Closing the door gently should create enough of an impression to provide a template...
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    Please complete this sentence: "When I take my Class A motorhome in for service, I know it's going to cost right around $______________________."

    I'm having a very competent diesel mechanic work on my coach this weekend. I've purchased >$500 of filters for all systems (oil, fuel, air, air dryer, generator, etc) and ~$225 of Rotella oil. I'm going to pay him several hundred dollars for his time and expertise. I sure couldn't do all that...
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    Change to a Led Bulb

    Maybe yes, maybe no. I replaced my turn signals several years ago without a problem.
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    What Does living fulltime mean:

    I don't personally care what label want to use on themselves. But over the >10 years we've been living in our MH there appears to have been an increase in the number of people who live in RVs who have never traveled with them and have no intention of ever doing so! The use of RVs as relatively...
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    What Does living fulltime mean:

    In many respects we share the same philosophy. We have been living in our MH since 2011. We've always spent the winter "at rest" in a warm location; as the years have gone by the duration of our winter rest period has gotten longer. And, with Covid, we haven't been on the road at all in the...
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    Newer phone = better hotspot performance?

    This is the first post in this thread that references the fact that there have been major changes in cellular technology over the past several years and unless you have a newer, higher end phone or hotspot you aren't going to benefit from them. For simplicity sake I'll lump all these features...
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    Hurricane/Tropical storm Nicholas.

    We are in Rockport, about ~160 miles SW of Houston and we were very happy that the storm stayed offshore. Being on the West side of the eye we had only occasional rain and even some sunshine by Monday afternoon. Today was mostly sunny and hot. After what Harvey did to Rockport four years ago...
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