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    Tire pressure

    On many forums it can be assumed that there are many complete novices that will read out sage commentaries. Many contributors do post opinions that have some generalities stated as ironclad - such as "Never Let Air Out Of A Hot Tire." As a professional, and for our seasoned members, we...
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    Soft kids generation

    We had troubles, hurts, issues but did NOT have social media at our fingertips to amplify our distress so that we would feel sooooo muuuuuch beeeetterr than all the others.... with today's seeming focus on being a victim to grab the most empathy and validation. Our playgrounds, where little...
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    CPAP Machine

    When we had a TT... Power supply for my Philips is 12 VDC - so, with our axial queen bed near the dinette, i cut a hole in the back of the adjacent seat for the air hose and ran that behind the head of the mattress and under my pillow for "storage" and ready access. Meanwhile, I installed a 12...
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    Need help figuring out how to display my coin collection

    Set them in channels top and bottom with sides so that they can be slid from side to side, much as a sliding glass door can "nest." You could make the "box" frame as wide as 2 or 12 of the plastic display cases. And you can route 2 - 10 channels so you can "nest" the displays but still have the...
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    Roadside Assistance

    Towing and service companies are called by all the roadside insurers - sometimes they know what they are doing and sometimes they don't. Make sure you know how to have your rig towed, what type of antifreeze/oil/tranny fluid you need etc. Don't let them talk you into anything exotic, it should...
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    Ever not be able to find a place to stay?

    If hard up you can always stay in a local motel/hotel that has a big parking lot. Park the rig and enjoy a secure night, hot bath and attached restaurant - just about for the same price as a some campgrounds.
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    Anyone using the Pilot/Flying J phone app when they fill up?

    This is the same post you have in the Tiffinmotorhome forum - maybe you'll get better answers there?
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    2020/2021 Winter in the South

    We just returned home to Florida from a 2-1/2 month trip that included New Mexico, Grand Canyon, Denver, Nashville. We did make reservations at the key places well in advance but still could find plenty of open campgrounds for the one to five night stays while on the road. For us, it was...
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    Towing a Motorhome

    Sorry for you trouble. As others have said, "Do it right." Let Ford tow the unit and take your truck and drive home. Okay - so you know you have to pay for hotel on the way home - salvage the rest of your trip by taking your time. Please don't focus on the trouble - as it happens to all of us...
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    Do you keep water/chemical in your black tank in between trips?

    You are correct - the black and gray tanks are holding tanks, not septic tanks. There should be no "digestion" occurring. Chemicals sold for RV black tanks are designed to kill any bacteria to help reduce the offensive odors that are created by the bacterial breakdown process.
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    TO Isaac-1

    Yes, keep your head above water! Let us know you're okay.
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    Splendide washer in rear compartment

    I think it's a story about how OP got a washer installed and then hooked up the water. I couldn't read it through, either. I'd bet two pictures might have summed it up...
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    Calling All Plumbers - HELP

    SharkBite 1/2 in. Push-to-Connect x MIP Brass 90-Degree Elbow Fitting-U280LFA - The Home Depot We have all been through this - so don't be disheartened. Pipe and tubing are measured differently and we get to beat our heads against plumbing very often - join the crowd - but have faith and...
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    Calling All Plumbers - HELP

    3/8" PEX is 1/2" O.D. and MNPT is the same a MIP - so, here's something that should work and make assembly easy... sorry I didn't respond earlier - I just got to this forum a couple of minutes ago and saw your response... Let me know how you make out.
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    Calling All Plumbers - HELP

    Get rid of the steel elbow - it's not stainless steel as one person thought. It will rust and fail.
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