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    Web cam to keep an eye on doggies

    How do you connect your web cam to the internet in your coach?
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    single woman with a new truck needs your advice

    A fifth wheel will give you more storage inside and outside and they do tow very nice. We went from a class C to a fifth wheel and can tell you we love the extra space in the fifth wheel.
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    Pet Peeve

    My pet peeve is when your site is used as a parking lot because people won't move their cars to the parking area. We have had this problem many times at Michigan state parks.
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    Towing a Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo

    I towed  a 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo  with our class C motor home and had plenty of power with the V10. You will want some type of brake system in the Jeep though, as that 5500 pounds will push the motor home when you try to stop.
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    recliners for 5th wheel

    We bought 2 Lazyboys from Art-Van and they fit perfectly in our fifth wheel.
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    Bath and a half?

    We have a bath & 1/2 fifth wheel and love it. The outside entrance to the half bath is really nice when the grandkids are with us.
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    Dry camping coffee brewing ?

    12 volt coffee maker will take an hour to make one cup of coffee. I have one and used it twice. By the time the coffee is done my coffee craving is gone.
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    Replacement antenna

    Another vote for the Jack antenna. I replaced my head unit with the Jack and I get a lot more stations and the weather doesn't seem to effect the Jack like it did the Winegard.
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    Keystone lost my business

    We have had similar problems with out Coachman 345BHS. The kitchen sink fell out of the opening because there were only two screws holding it in place. The kitchen sink drain was plugged and would not drain. The fridge wouldn't work on propane because the propane hose was kinked. The Cub couch...
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    Are Dealerships REALLY this cheap/lazy???

    I was so disgusted with my RV dealer I canceled my extendted warranty plan with them. Nothing but broken promises from my dealer. After I canceled my warranty they wanted to be my best buddy and do what ever they could to solve the problems...too late.
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    Craig's List sale......

    All I can say is I wouldn't deal with this person.
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    Walmart Prepaid Mifi

    I purchased the TruConnect Mifi and pay $4.99 a month plus 4 cents per MB. Can't beat it for part time use. We use it everytime we go camping. Ed
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    rc boat battery

    Try this link.
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    Ford Escape Toad?

    We just bought a 2010 Ford Escape  and according to the owners manual you need to lower the trans fluid when you tow 4 down.
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    need (OK, want) a video camera: small, good viewer, good res, etc

    I think what you are looking for is a helmet cam. Here is a link to one that might be what you are looking for. Helmet cam
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