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    Anyone know what this is?

    It's certainly not like any Sirius/XM antenna I've ever seen. I'll grant that one might look different for an RV, but I don't think it's Sirius/XM.
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    I had it professionally cleaned.

    That motorhome looks like it just rolled off the showroom. Man that looks nice. I'd love to do that with my 5th wheel. I envy you retiring in 3 weeks. I have 4 months to go, and it's killing me to wait. But I will. Then I hope to hit the road.
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    No signatures on posts

    Oh c'mon man. I can't seem to get through the day without a phone rotation or two. <gigglesnort>
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    Post a joke

    Bad dentist joke: My dentist - What do you call a caveman fart? Me - I don't know, what do you call a caveman fart? My dentist - A blast from the past!
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    Backing 5th wheel

    This is a good idea also. I got to practice a little in the dealer's lot when I picked up my 5th wheel. But an empty school parking lot, or deserted mall lot, etc. should work fine also. And I absolutely depend on my spotter wife. Not so much for telling me which way I need to turn...I...
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    Backing 5th wheel

    First, welcome to the forum. Second, I feel you man. Now my 5th wheel is only 30' long, but that truck was a long bed crew cab. A lot of truck and trailer for this road and driveway. Those drainage ditches are about 5' deep. It's not quite so bad on the other side of the road, but still, you...
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    Trapped at the RV park!

    I was there from Dec '80 - July '82. It was my first duty assignment. I worked up on the Hill. Of course now, there is no "Hill" as we knew it. There is nothing left of those days. Time marches on.
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    Trapped at the RV park!

    Stuck in a Lodi dump again! Well, we know that won't happen this time anyway. Man, that road looks crazy. When I was stationed in Japan (Misawa), we used to go camping in a nearby lake in a dormant volcano. Beautiful lake. The roads up to it were very narrow and had some crazy hairpin...
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    Welcome Chief. Good to have you aboard. It doesn't sound like you need it, but there's a ton of knowledge here, so if you have any questions, bee sure and ask them. Someone will have the answer. Again, welcome, and hope to see you down the road!
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    Welcome Fishspike. First of all, we need weight, not length. You need the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating of (GVWR) of the trailer. That's where we start. Some of this decision will be on where you intend tow? Mountains, flatlands, some combination thereof? Some part of the decision will be...
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    Trapped at the RV park!

    I'm thinking a few weeks may be optimistic. We have a bridge close to where we live that had some lingering damage from the last flood we had here, and coupled with the previous flooding, it finally did the bridge in. The supports and the underside of the bridge became critically damaged...
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    How can I reduce truck squat?

    I said the same thing, in not so many words, back on page 2. The other good thing about the wireless remote compressor is, it will maintain however much air you have it set to automatically, as long as it maintains its wireless connection to the compressor. Remote control kept the batteries...
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    It's a small world

    These stories are great aren't they?? Mine is another military related story. I had already been in the Air Force for about 5 years, and was about a year into my airborne assignment at Eielson (Fairbanks) Alaska. We flew in the back end of RC-135s as Intel Operators. It's usually a different...
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    How close should the pressure be on the tires on the same side of the trailer?

    4 - 5 pounds is probably a bit excessive, but within a pound or 2 I would think is probably fine. I like to keep mine all exactly the same, but in practice, it is a little tough to do.
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    How can I reduce truck squat?

    You must have a 2019 (or newer). I finally had to put some new running boards on mine. The main boards are only 3 inches from the bottom of the cab, but they drop down 8 inches. I needed them, and my short 5'2" wife really did. It still wouldn't hurt to lower them another couple though. But...
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