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    How can I reduce truck squat?

    I get where you are coming from. problem—-squatting rear? solution———-springs or air bags on rear of vehicle to compensate for load weights .
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    Lost vent/fan cover

    Take a piece of cardboard and cut it to the size of the opening then use your Duct tape to secure the perimeter of the cardboard to the opening. Next cover the rest of the cardboard with strips of Duct tape to water proof the exposed cardboard. should hold for quite a while even driving if...
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    For retired full time RVers, what do you do with your house?

    What’s wrong with going home once in a while? Don‘t get me wrong I love traveling a lot but it’s nice to come home once in a while to change out seasonal clothing and take a really good shower in something large enough to bend over without hitting something with my head
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    Kudos to Grand Design, Rally related

    Read an article from a google search about the 2021 Grand Design rally,it comment that they would have a full service staff available on a first come first served and they intended to deal with some of the Covid-19 issues for getting repairs done. Due to COVID restrictions and safety for their...
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    New Tires feel out of balance

    Rubber was shaved off while it was mounted on the vehicle. Only a small amount. And spun balanced while on the rig. Each time a tire looses contact with the road and re connects it scrubs off a little rubber possibly in a different spot each time thus shortening the life of the tire as apposed...
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    New Tires feel out of balance

    I would lean more to an out of round tire at that speed I had a similar problem with a couple of sets of tires I purchased from Less Schwab. Last set was finally taken to someone who could true all the rubber on my truck. He also informed me that the life span would be grater due to the fact...
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    Ever not be able to find a place to stay?

    Here’s some food for thought In the states most mid sized towns have one of three or four fraternal organizations such as the Elks,Moose or Eagles of which most offer their property for traveling “members” to have a place to camp as well as serving food and beverage. In a pinch its nice to...
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    Vacuum line

    Engine vacuum volume is reduced the farther the throttle is opened ( ie under a load ) I have the same problem with a Jeep Wrangler
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    Roof mounted vs. portable satellite dish?

    I agree, I have both roof mounted as well as a tailgater portable that I can set on the ground or small table connecting to the outside satellite connection with at least 75’ of cable and installed a incoming splitter to the satellite receiver. Also I use an app on my phone to locate a clear...
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    Starting a 400 Cummins ISL in Jan in MN?

    Having the correct oil viscosity for cold winter weather is a must When cold starting a cold engine. If you can , use a torpedo style heater to blow warm air under the engine area, 5 deg of extra warmth makes a huge difference. Along with warm air entering an engine. And of course winter fuel...
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    Hydraulic slide and jack problems

    Thanks to everyone who replied. It turns out that the shuttle valve has gone bad. You now have another resource for coach repair services for mechanical issues. Went to Camping World only to be informed that they were booked until late November , then by chance I went to Cummins Northwest just...
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    Hydraulic slide and jack problems

    That was my thinking but??? only thing I haven’t tried is loosening a hose at one of the jacks in order to get the pump to pickup a prime. thinking I have a air pocket in the drive pump. is that a possibility?
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    Hydraulic slide and jack problems

    Tried looking for p.Maddox with no luck could you provide me with a link
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    Hydraulic slide and jack problems

    Not sure where to begin to bleed the system
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