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    Did I make a mistake?

    If it is getting cold at night and warming up to 50 during the day, you may be OK.  I still would drain the tanks, including the water heater and drain the water from the low point drains.  If you could blow out your lines with come compressed air (gently) you should be OK.  We only run...
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    King of the Road, Nu Wa, or Titanium....please help us decide!!

    We have a new 2006 hitchhiker II LS 29.5 FKTG and pull it with a 2005 Chevy 2500 HD Duramax.  I would not go any smaller than that.  Even though they say that some 5th wheels are towable by a 1/2 ton truck, they are wrong.  We had an F-150 pulling a travel trailer and it did poorly at best. ...
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    Buying a fifth wheel at an auction

    Getting up on the roof is a requirement.  Check the roof, look for signs of water leaks and check the tires and running gear.  Not sure what type of auction you are going to.  Repos, dealer overstocks, or what.  Roof for leaks, bubbles or tears, damage anywhere, and tires.  Tires are the most...
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    General Question on 5th Wheel Storage

    My TT and now my 5th wheel stays outside in secure storage.  I have a parking spot assigned and so does everyone else.  If your rig gets hit, you have insurance and you can find out who is parked next to you.  Also, there a computer access list/log of who came in to the lot and when. As stated...
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    Hello from Tacoma Washington

    Hi Bob and welcome. I do not know much about truck campers.  What I have normally seen in truck campers are ones that fit into 3/4 and 1 ton trucks, not ones that fit into Toyota SR-5's.  I think they would be too heavy or tall for your smaller truck.  A possible good fit would be a pop-up...
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    newbie to camping

    Welcome to the forum. Pop-ups are great.  We love our fifth wheel, it's getting pretty close to the Hilton.  It even has room service it you don't tick off the wife.  Only kidding about the room service.  I wish we still had our pop-up for some of those short camping trips.  Better fuel milage...
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    New Member - Virginia Beach, VA

    Welcome to the forum.  We used to live in Portsmouth, VA when Cathy was stationed at the Naval Hospital and I was aboard the USS Independence, USS Spruance, USS Peterson, and USS America and stationed and Dam Neck in Virginia Beach.  Are you retired Navy?
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    New to this Forum

    Hi Everyone, We new to this forum.? My wife Cathy and I have been camping for about 11 years with RVs and many years before that with a tent and scouting.? We have had a 1995 Coleman Chesapeake (pop-up), 1998 Coleman Casa Grande (another pop-up), 2004 Fleetwood Prowler 250RKS (TT), and have...
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