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    Why was my post removed?

    Please, where was it moved to????
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    Why was my post removed?

    Wel that is good to know! But should have marked "MOVED"?  And to where?  Thanks, I was just trying to help! :)
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    Why was my post removed?

    I was only trying to inform RVers Planning a vistit to Maine? What did I do wrong?????
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    Here in Maine

    I am Sorry to say,
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    Need info about maine campground

    They are the BEST!
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    Golf cart battery Brands

    I am now using  2 NAPA 12 volt GC batteries. Not cheap, but really worth it.
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    Maine moose

    Take a ride out to Seboomook. It is on the northern edge of Moosehead.  As said, "go slow" and watch for ponds and swampy areas, they will be there!  Have fun!
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    Maine in September?

    A good resource is
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    Secluded New England "Nature" type parks

    If you looking for a friendly campground in Maine.... Hands down it is Reach Knolls.  If you looking for a more secluded area, look into North Woods Camping....  You will NOT be sorry
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    Maine in August

    I would recommend the Bangor area.  The Pumpkin Patch RV Park would be a good choice.
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