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    12 volt TV fuse question

    There are 12v TVs. I had a 120v TV in front and a 12v TV in the bedroom in past Southwind MH.
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    No power for lights, slide outs when plugged in

    I would have the battery load tested first. Most parts stores will test for you. If the battery test good, then with it connected back up and unit plugged into shore power test to see what kind of voltage you have coming out of the converter to the battery. You should see a greater voltage at...
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    No power in the outlets :/

    Always start at the source. If 110v, does the shore power outlet have power. If 12v, does the battery have power. Work forward from there. Working backwards from there problem will always take more time and create all kinds of WAGs. The converter could be a problem but, in most cases, the 110v...
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    Drains blocked

    Can you see any of the drain pipes? By following and tapping on the pipes you might be able to trace back to the blockage.
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    Drains blocked

    Do you have a monitor gauge on the gray tank? Does it show tank is empty? Can you see the gray tank or are you able to tap on tank to see if it is empty? There have been times where the cut out circle for the tank drain will block the outlet preventing the tank from draining.
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    Hello struggling here. 91 Bounder

    Next step is to check for spark. If you have spark it is a fuel problem. As Ray-N said with spark you could try a little spray of starting fluid. If it runs for a few seconds it is a fuel related problem. Be sure fuel tank is over 1/4 full if not more. Things to check from here will be fuel...
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    Hello struggling here. 91 Bounder

    Could you define "trying to crank". When you push the starter button does it turn over "crank"? or When you push the starter button and it "cranks" but does not start? These are two different conditions that have totally different diagnosis. No crank/ turn over =electrical problem. No start=...
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    Recently purchased an old class C RV - How do I get hot water working?

    I think every one is confusing OP. 1. hook up hose to water inlet. 2. turn on hose water. 3. open the pressure relief valve until water pours out at same rate as hose. 4.After water comes out pressure relief valve at a constant rate with no air bursts close valve and turn on / light water...
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    Propane knob stuck

    Sorry not understanding this. If the tank was filled the valve had to be opened. Did the attendant over tighten it when done filling??
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    Always Always Always Check Your Batteries

    Load test each battery. Specific gravity is ok, but load testing is the best way to determine battery condition.
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    Dealship didn't add enough coolant to Ford 6.7 issues?

    Did the engine overheat? If it did not overheat there is no concern, You are only looking at about a quart +  of coolant out of at least 6 gallons in the radiator and engine block. I would not be concerned at all.
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    Smell from toilet

    If this happens while driving I found that making sure there is water in the sink and tub p-traps and also putting in the drain plugs, kitchen sink also.
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    where did the water go.

    Sounds like there is a bypass valve somewhere that is allowing the tank water to be siphoned out of tank by the city water pressure.
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    Tank odors inside the motorhome

    WE were getting a bad smell when on the highway. Solved it by adding water to all drains prior to starting out and also by blocking off the drains either with the stopper plug or a flat disc drain stopper. Air flow inside cab was pulling fumes up out of sink and shower drains. I assume the same...
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    Water pump keeps running, any idea what could be wrong?

    I second Skydivermike's answer. I did the same ting once. Left fill valve open and water just recirculates back into tank.
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