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    Wheel air pressure rating

    80psi tires are load range E. Load range D are 65 psi. Load range c are normally rated at 50psi. , car tires or P rated.
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    over filling

    Most have a "city" water connection, water from pedestal, and a "fresh" water connection. The fresh water connection normally does not have a hose type connection, just a gravity feed. You're Montana probably has a valve to transfer the water from the city connection to the fresh water tank...
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    Did you know Rand McNally lifetime maps are good for only 36 months??

    I have two Garmin motorcycle GPS's. a Zumo 660 and 665. Both are over 10 years old. i use them in my truck when pulling my TT. Both have lifetime map updates. The only problem have run into is the newer mapsets are too large for the internal storage. You can add an SD card and it works fine. I...
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    Mending Tape for RV Cover

    Adco also has the patch kits for sale. Says it will work on any cover. When I patched mine, I put the patch material on the inside and outside. Double the strength.
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    Does this piece exist?

    Like this and a 1/2 inch nipple. also from Ace hardware.
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    Inside Lock

    Here is the exact replacement for your lock. You can even get it keyed the same as yours. that way you'll have extra keys. The key code is on the inside handle. You can try calling them and see if the have any parts available. Global Link Travel Trailer Entrance Door Lock, Black-TTL-436
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    Mending Tape for RV Cover

    I also have a Adco cover. It was till under warranty and I called them about a repair kit. They sent me 2 large kits free. The adhesive on these pieces is unbelievable. Just make sure you put it where you want it. It sticks like crazy. Covers are only going to last a few years though. Sun and...
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    sewer pipe

    Harbor Freight carries one like that.
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    My 30 amp plug exploded

    Before you even plug in, make sure the pedestal breaker is off. Inspect the receptacle. If it looks like it it is burned, contact the campground manager. Too many people just plug and unplug the cords while the breaker is on. This damages the receptacle. I always check to make sure the breaker...
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    Backing 5th wheel

    Just don't over correct when turning. A little movement of the steering wheel has a major impact on how fast the trailer turns. I had the same with my 32 foot bumper pull. Once the trailer starts to turn bring the steering wheel back towards center.
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    What Make Tire Gauge Do You Find Most Reliable?

    Whatever one you choose, make sure the end of the gauge slides over the valve stem with the sealing washer recessed. The ones with the sealing washer at the very end are almost impossible to seat correctly. I have two older Sears digital gauges and they read within one pound of each other...
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    Travel Trailer Tires

    If you have load range D tires 65 psi, you are really pushing the envelope. If you have 15 inch wheels, Goodyear has the Endurance in load range E. You'll gain about 800lbs of load on each tire.
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    Furrion microwave dead

    The fuse inside the microwave is for all power to the microwave. The MW will be completely dead. Sounds as though the magnetron or start capacitor is bad. Cost for replacement mag, if you can find one, will cost as much a new MW. It is possible that a wire came loose on the capacitor or...
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    What's your favorite flashlight?

    We use the Harbor freight 3 1/2 inch. 2 for $2.99. We also have couple of their worklight/flashlight. $1.79. Both are extremely bright and cheap enough to be throw aways when they eventually quit. Ours are over three years old still going strong. They do eat batteries though. Pick up the HF...
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    Painting Decals

    And cheap decals and poor prep used by the manufacturer. I used to do custom vinyl signage at the hosptial where I worked. There are different thicknesses and qualities of vinyl used.
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