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    Ads in the right side bar

    I do not object to ads off to the side. What I do not like is being swamped with spam calls due to data mining. I understand that it is more frequently a part of the business model for web sites. I have been getting spam calls in reference to Medicare for the last few month, probably over 100...
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    Great price on TES 668 at Napa for 4 more days

    Marty, I tried to call you but got your voice mail. I have a 5 gallon bucket with a pump, hose and fitting that makes it easy to refill your transmission. You are welcome to use it for your tranny fluid change. I used it when I changed my fluid. I figure that because you are having the...
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    Motorcycle carrier

    DonTom will probably give you lots of good advice. He has several motorcycles and I am sure that he has carriers. Welcome to the Forum.
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    Strange coincidence

    When I woke up this morning I looked out in front of my house to find a rig parked across the street. The coincidence is that it is a perfect match for my 32 year old Mustang that i carried all around the country in my Stacker. I guess that I will need to offer him a matching runabout or see...
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    How to capture a thread

    I have an idea. If you go to the first entry where the thread starts and you copy the address at the top of your screen. On mine, (aol) it starts with line.) I will try it and send it to myself and see if it right back Back: It works it...
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    Generator upgrade ?

    Or one Mobile Surgery Unit.
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    For those that require a PC: Laptop, desktop, or other on midsize MH...

    We were out to dinner for a friends birthday the other night. I gave him a 30 gigabyte USB stick drive to back up his computer and just save it just in case. I told him about buying a 10 megabyte hard drive in the 80s for a thousand dollars. That same computer had the brand new 8087 math chip...
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    Flat Tow vs Trailering - Any Engineers out There?

    If you do go with a trailer I would suggest an enclosed trailer. I hauled two cars along for many thousand miles and they were not exposed to anything that would effect them. This was especially important for the 32 year old Mustang Convertible with very low mileage.
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    Jayco vs. Thor

    I do not know about Jayco but I do know that Thor has extensive online documentation much of which is in the form of Utube videos. A nice feature for looking up any questions about the units.
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    Rt 89 in AZ, What the heck?

    Ok. Here. Is a jet story for you. Fifty two years ago , flying near the border between VIet Nam and Cambodia at 1500 feet in the relaxed mode that we referred to as Fat, Dumb, and Happy. A Phantom Jet Fighter came from directly behind us and went under us and then pulled up into a steep...
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    For those that require a PC: Laptop, desktop, or other on midsize MH...

    Actually the area rug was easy to roll up. It was given to me by my aunt who was like a Mother to me. She bought it in Spain and it was over 50 years old. The furniture simply locked in place with the slides in.
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    For those that require a PC: Laptop, desktop, or other on midsize MH...

    I have always liked to use laptops with at least one large display monitor.
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    Chet Parks

    So sorry to hear this. Chet and Laurie visited us for a few days a few years back. We really enjoyed their company. The first time I met Chet he was parking next to us at the rally at Catalina state park near Tucson. He had that crazy green hair wig on. Renae is shocked and we are both...
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    Post a joke

    A Boy Or A Girl? 0 35 Two babies were sitting in their cots, when one baby shouted to the other, “Are you a little girl or a little boy?” “I don’t know,” replied the other baby giggling. “What do you mean, you don’t know?” said the first baby. “I mean I don’t know how to tell the difference,”...
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    Generac 4701 help needed

    Welcome to the Forum. Someone will give you some advice. It sounds like the governor to me but I am not an expert.
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