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    The latest shortage ...

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    Early in the morning

    Hope it goes smoothly and you get a great result!
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    Forest Closures due to Wildfire Risk 2021

    Totally agree that the management has not been the best. They need to burn, its what nature intended. The current situation is sad as the fires are probably much worse than they would have been, left to nature.
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    Forest Closures due to Wildfire Risk 2021

    23 in Arizona I heard. Sad.
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    Forest Closures due to Wildfire Risk 2021

    Coconino & Kaibab Forests are closing and evacuating campers and hikers. Due to this year's heat and drought if you are planning on going into any of the National Forests I suggest you check it out in advance in case you need to change your plans.
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    Slide creep fixed!

    @John Stephens is this place on your route home?
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    Retirement trip, Part Two

    John, what a nightmare for you guys. Is it ok to leave the slide repair that long?
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    Newbie from Napa, CA

    Hi and welcome to the forum. It's always good to have another experienced voice to add to the mix. Jump into the conversations any time, and let us know if you need help with anything. Happy travels and may the Force be with you. 😁
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    Grey water tanks...

    @SeaGal post a few photos which might help...
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    Small 5th wheel, just me, want to do laundry the old-fashioned way

    That sounds like hard work. Are you averse to using a laundry?
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    Hey George hope you're well. We have missed seeing you.
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    My experience with Boondocker’s Welcome

    Sounds fantastic! Thanks Pam.
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    "Alerts" Behavior

    Read this then went back to alerts, you can see what my screen looks like. Haven't left forum, just hit the bell icon again and that is what I see. I think a lot of web stuff seems to be more mobile friendly than desktop these days.
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    Cab we use rock salt in RV holding tanks for freezing?

    Hi and welcome to the forum. Good to have you join us. There's no such thing as a stupid question, so please ask anything you need to. I've never heard of putting salt in a tank and not sure why you would as anti freeze works well, or leaving tank empty.
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    Easiest tow route Flaming Gorge to Yellowstone

    We take the 191 through Pinedale and it's a good route all the way to Jackson. Not been the route you are suggesting but I'd be careful about the county road in case it's not a maintained one.
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