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    New Curt A20 fifth wheel hitch

    Curt A20 fifth wheel hitch used twice. This is for a rail system. This sells for 799.00 on etrailer. I’m listing this for 599.00. This is local pick up only. I’m in Simpsonville SC. You can email me for more info @ [email protected] Thanks
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    Reece Sidewinder & Curt A20 hitch

    Just an update, after discussions with Reece, I’m going to change the fifth wheel hitch to a Reece M5. Hopefully having everything Reece will solve my problem. For anyone that is considering the combination I had the issues with, you may want to reconsider. It may save a few headaches down the...
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    Reece Sidewinder & Curt A20 hitch

    I’m hauling a 2021 Jayco 35’ fifth wheel with a 2020 Dosge Ram 2500. I do have the ram box which is why I had to buy the sidewinder. Wish I had a do over on that. When I contacted Reece they acknowledged a change had occurred somewhere either with them or Curt. They overnighted a new one that as...
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    Reece Sidewinder & Curt A20 hitch

    I have a problem with my Reece Sidewinder and my Curt A20 hitch. I purchased the wedge that is supposed to work with the Curt A20 hitch and installed it on the sidewinder. With the wedge all the way forward it still didn’t make good contact resulting in a noticeable shift of the sidewinder (...
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