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    New Member with Tow/Haul Mode question

    On my 2015 Winnebago Vista 35F, I push in the Tow/Haul button and then push firmly on the brake pedal to get the transmission to downshift. Simply tapping on the pedal doesn?t make it downshift.
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    Winnebago 2016 vista lx 35B

    I have had my large slide repaired twice, once under original warranty and again under extended warranty. I have had my 2015 Winnebago Vista 35f since July 2014 and have driven 20,000 miles with 90 overnights. Had the transfer switch replaced under the original warranty. No other repair issues.
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    2015 Winnebago Vista 35F

    Looking for suggestions for modifications to chassis for more comfortable ride and better handling. Have driven from Georgia to California and back three different routes. Encountered a lot of rough roads, mainly within city limits.
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