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    I joined the cult of Blackstone

    We have had a Colmen Roadtrip for about 2 years and we hate it, it's bulky (heavy) and not stable, we used it once and it sits in the garage now. We have the large blackstone at home and will be getting a collapsible blackstone in the near future.
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    First timer mistakes....

    I had to take out the battery in the smoke alarm right next the cooktop for the same reason.
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    First timer mistakes....

    I am sure I will just hoping for not too expensive of mistakes.
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    First timer mistakes....

    Over the three years we have had our RV I have really enjoyed coming on this forum and learning, laughing from others who are willing to share their knowledge in the RV world. So I was curious what mistakes or accidents did you make when you first started RV'ing? 1. Parked the RV in our side...
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    Trip planning applications

    We like Roadtrippers. It gives you a lot of information about what is around you to see (gas, food, sights) and you can change the diameter of the search area.
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    How much to invest in updates to an old coach?

    Our coach is a 1994 that was in good condition, we have slowly upgraded a few things that we wanted to add, Shower head, new flat screen tv's and Blue Ray players in the bedroom and in front, added a newer rear view camera (old one was black & white). We don't use the RV more then about 6-8...
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    old backup camera system

    I can't remember the brand of backup camera that I now have upgraded to but it is a wired single camera system. I had the same thought about using the existing wiring but the connections were different and I chose to just rewire. It wasn't hard just time consuming running the wire, I chose to go...
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    WORST roads for RV travel: Your nominee(s)??

    I-90 through Eastern Washington State. Concrete roads, cracked my windshield from sheer bumpiness from the middle top and middle bottom of the front windshield on my last trip to Idaho.
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    1999 pace arrow wont start

    If your rig has an auxiliary switch you can hold that down to start it. That will usually work if the chassis battery is low/dead.
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    Ok to drive with propane fridge on?

    I drive with it on. In Washington state, if you take one of the ferry routes they make  you turn it off and give you a tag to place on the tank indicating that you have turned it off.
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    Every day is a learning experience - Anti-theft

    All is well, just an observation that you really never stop learning when RVing and shouldn't stop learning.
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    Every day is a learning experience - Anti-theft

    My wife was taking the RV for the weekend with our Granddaughter and less then a block away from the house the RV died and wouldn't restart. She called me at work for the rescue and about half way to rescue her I called her and asked if she by chance hit the anit-theft device on the left of the...
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    Who drives the OLDEST Class A here?

    I have a 94 Pace Arrow. We recently went to the RV show in town and honestly we wouldn't change our older rig for a newer rig. Beyond internal materials that were used on the newer RV being nicer the craftsmanship didn't seem to be too good. Lots of doors and cabinets didn't close correctly. We...
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    Looking for propane grill recommendations

    We have a Colemen Roadtrip but it's horrible to cook on and rickety, my wife bought it for me for Fathers day but she hates it too. We have since went backwards and are using a cooking grill over the campfire when we want to cook outside (if allowed).
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    Going RV tv show on GAC

    We pretty much did online research for used RV's based on our budget and what they had in stock. Went and looked at 3 that fit that budget and bought what we thought was the best deal of the 3. But yes that show probably is partial reality, partial scripted. I know for a fact that my wife or I...
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