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    has anyone stayed at Cosca Reginal Park in Clinton Maryland?

    found this campground while surfing the internet...called's a county park campground. close in to DC also.
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    state park reservations

    We stay in State parks all the time. Have been doing it for 20 plus years all over the United States.  MUCH CHEAPER than private owned parks. You don't have all the extra amenities that you have in the private parks. Most State park reservations can be made through  According...
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    What is a good PC program to use for making your own DVD's?

    Ned Did what you recommended. While downloading Windows Movie Maker, towards the end of the download this came up: error 1720 and to contact Microsoft or my System Administrator. Any idea?
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    What is a good PC program to use for making your own DVD's?

    With automatic updating I have been updated to SP3. So assume this is the problem?
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    What is a good PC program to use for making your own DVD's?

    Thank you for your advice. I am running Window's XP on my laptop.  I tried to download Window's Movie Maker, but then it tells me I have to do an automatic update which I have always had automatic updates scheduled to do once a week. I went ahead and did the update manually, but still no...
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    What is a good PC program to use for making your own DVD's?

    I want to be able to make my own DVD's from my digital photographs. I want to be able to add music and special effects, etc. I have been playing around with some of the "freebies" on the web, but think I need something more.  Any suggestions?
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    Camp Spot in the Florida Keys Available!

    If anyone is looking for a 2 week camp spot in the Florida Keys, there is one listed on EBay. It is a large site at John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park close to Key Largo.
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    Faver-Dykes State Park or Anastasia State Park around St. Augustine Florida?

    ???Just wondering if anyone has stayed at either Faver-Dykes State Park or Anastasia State Park around St. Augustine Florida? Any info would be appreciated.
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    Cardinal 5th Wheel

    We are looking to purchase a Cardinal 36' with 3 slides. We have looked at several other models made by Forest River and we like the Cardinal best. Just wondering if anyone out there has any feed back on the Cardinal?
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    John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park at Key Largo

    I have reservations at this park. Does anyone have any info on this park? What is the difference between the "pond area'" sites and "hill top" sites? Any info would be appreciated.
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    Are There Any RV/Camping Clubs in Kentucky?

    Just wondering if anyone knows of any RV/Camping Clubs in Kentucky?  Over the years in our camping travels, we have noticed we do not see very many fellow campers from Kentucky. This year we were in Florida at several different campgrounds for almost seven weeks and we only say three other...
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    disney rv park

    I just made reservations there for Christmas week of 2007-my rate is $89.00 per night plus taxi-but that is one of their peak times. The last time we stayed at Ft. Wilderness was about 8 years ago and we stayed for $39.00 a night during the peak season.
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    Safe overnighting in FL rest areas?

    Just returned from a six week trip to Florida. We left 60-70 degree weather to come home to low 20's and snow! I would say about 50% of the rest areas in Florida DO NOT allow overnight parking, but you can still stop for several hours to catch a nap and yes, if the say they have night time...
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    Help with our GPS

    We received a Garmin 330 GPS for Christmas. My husband loves it. Very simple to use. Only problem is, it does not have any campgrounds preloaded. Just wanted to know if anyone could tell me if you can find and download maps and directions for campgrounds? Ladybug
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    need info on touring Everglades and the Keys

    I believe that Lignumvitae is a botanical park-not for overnight camping. The State Parks in the Keys are usually booked months in advance. I have had my reservations for over 8 months. The State Parks are about 1/3rd the price of the other campgrounds in the Keys. kentuckyladybug
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