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    Deciding on which model for toad

    Huh. I don’t hardly notice my Cherokee is back there on MY F53 gasser (Ford V10). I think it actually helps on the rare occassions I am on Interstate and get passed by a Semi doing 80. I don’t have a clue how it could cause fatigue. You might need to get your MH wheels aligned.
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    Military Fam Camps

    Get the Ultimate US Public Campgrounds App. It includes military CGs and all the info you request.
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    2019 Cherokee Trailhawk Toad??

    You do not. My dealer didn’t know that when I got mine so I had them install it free as part of the deal. Never used it because I learned by the time I could get baseplate.
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    Travel SR-75 through Idaho

    Let me know if you want suggestions on where to camp. I mostly boondock or use National Forest campgrounds. There are two choices in (near) Twin Falls. There is a municipal CG in Twin, and the county Fairgrounds in Filer. Both provide power and water for about $20.
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    European Newbie on the RV forum

    You might consider a light motorcycle rack for your ebike. You can roll on or lift front on, tie down, then swing rear on. Then rachet tie down. You lift 1/2 the weight that way.
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    Travel SR-75 through Idaho

    If you haven’t done it forge on. Summer fire smoke has been a problem everywhere in the west in recent years. Winds affect severity. Fires themselves rarely a threat, although we drove through one in Montana a few days ago: flames on each side of road. Trail Creek fire between Lost Trail Pass...
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    23 Year Old Trying to Understand Insurance!

    You usually need to have $500 k liability on RV before you can get umbrella coverage.
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    23 Year Old Trying to Understand Insurance!

    RV insurance can be quite expensive. Had quotes over $3,000. Got it from the Hartford for under $300. 30’ 2020 Class A. Includes comprehensive deductible of $250, vs. my usual $1,000, to cover WHEN I need windshield. Some States (e.g. SC) require no deductible windshield replacement but not ID.
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    New Older Guy

    Hi! New to this forum. I live in wonderland: Idaho. I have been RVing since 1971 with all types of RVs. Currently making do with a 2020 Georgetown 30x3 which meets many of my needs but may not be my last RV. Jeep Cherokee toad. I mostly boondock and abhor commercial RV parks. Fortunately Idaho...
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