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    Diesel Prices In The West

    Best diesel prices around Cape Cod are $6.65 / gl. Lord help us.
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    How long does my shore power electrical cord need to be?

    Cord is way more expensive than the fittings.
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    Generator on tongue contraption

    I plan on getting one. My champion dual fuel would add 100 lbs. Soft cover for propane bottles are a must with this set up. Ive read that most users love them.
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    Military RV Campgrounds- Experiences?

    Use them quite a bit in the NE.
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    Sex in the RV (Fifth Wheel) - What should we know and keep in mind?

    Hydraulic leveling is your friend. 6 point to be exact.
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    Generator need

    More cases of dangerous low voltages rather than outages. If the campground voltages were too low, I would disconnect from shore power and run in the generator. This occurs mostly in old crowded hot campgrounds.
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    Seattle Houses?

    2nd that!
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    Home Security Recommendations

    Level 2, Blink Level 1, Glock
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    Low water pressure

    Could always fill your tank and use your pump.
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    Massive Ram Truck Recall

    A, This is not a Jeep recall.
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    Massive Ram Truck Recall

    They are awesome trucks. Dumb to use the CP4 after so many problems others have had with them. Changing back to the CP3 in 2021, shows that they acknowledge this. They should recall all of the CP4's and pay for their replacements. I wish there was a lawsuit to join on this.
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    Massive Ram Truck Recall

    Got to watch this one, as I have the cp4.
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    Driver needed

    Hes not coming back on.
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    Driver needed

    How much you offering?
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