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    Any NASCAR race track campers out there?

    Eddie, We take a TT every year to Bristol twice and year and ocassionally we go to Talledega or Charolette. I am sure you have seen if you been to a few races every kind of conceivable camping setup that there is. We normally use a Honda generator to run the AC at the August race due to the...
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    Stick home vs RV home

    I would have to agree with John. For instance our kids are still in school and we are both still working so we enjoy time in the RV on the weekends as a place to get away from the daily grind. I would not however entertain living on a MH or any other type of RV until the kids have grown.
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    jayco, slide out will not come out?

    I am not sure about Jayco but I had the same problem with my Keystone. Try manually cranking it out about a foot and then try it. Sometimes the wiring can get either pinched or in a bind by the slide itself. Is any part of the slide moving?
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    Gatlinburg trolly route

    We have stayed at Twin Creek Resort Several times and have enjoyed it. It is right on the outskirts of Gatlinburg and on the Trolly route.
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    Just Feeling "USED"

    As long as you love it I wouldn't worry about what anyone else thinks or has.  I found that even when you buy a new one there is always someone else that is newer or bigger, but someone has to enjoy the older ones too! ;D I once traded a unit I loved for the same reason and would give anything...
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    Concealed handgun license

    Interestingly enough we were camping this weekend and evidently the campground was having problems with skunks. Around 2 a.m in the morning the campground owner shoots a skunk and it was really loud since we were in between two mountains. I do not carry my gun when we are camping one because of...
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    Concealed handgun license

    Sig Sauer 9mm with a license to conceal. I would never make it in California ;D Many years ago on a trip with some College friends in an old Class A I used to have, they decided to go to Juarez while I was asleep. Of course guns are beyond illegal in Mexico so I was more than nervous until we...
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    Question about my situation

    Che, These guys are definitely the experts, but I can tell you from experience that the first motorhome I owned was a 15 year old class A that had 7000 miles on it. With the money that I spent fixing problems from Dry Rot, Mildew, Tires, lack of engine and body maintenance you could have a much...
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    Looking for secluded, peaceful RV sites in Tennessee

    Cheftain, I live in Knoxville but we camp alot in Crossville and around Nashville. There are some very good campgrounds around that area but I am not sure if that would be a little to east for you. I have always wanted to camp at the campground next to graceland and will probably do so on our...
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    Pets (dogs)

    Cheryl, You make a valid point. We just got back into camping but regularly we have our Golden Retriever that is our fifth child. Most of the campgrounds we go to have very nice designated pet areas with bags that we can use to clean up. Of course our dog is very mellow and getting older so it...
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    TIVO deal

    Sorry I misread. That sounds like a fairly good deal then if that is the lifetime subscription it is defintely worth it I have used mine about 6 years now on the lifetime deal which has more than paid for itself over again. The other thing is you will need either a phone or network...
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    TIVO deal

    Blueblood, I use my Tivo which I think is a series 1 quite religously it is good for either taping shows when you are not home or taping a show that comes on at the same time as another one (of course you have to watch on a different tv) . It is especially good since we believe in not bringing...
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    Newcomers Adventure

    Well we are getting the trailer back tomorrow there was a loose wire in the breaker box for the air conditioner. They also have my glass fixed and If what they say is true I feel stupid that I had the hot water bypass swith on. Anyway good news if everything is true
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    "Flattest" route from Mid-Atlantic to Grand Canyon area

    Smoky, Nice to meet you as well. We will be camping in Townsend this weekend and hopefully have better weather than last week's monsoon. I am hoping to take the camper to some Titan's games this year so I will remember the campground you suggested.
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    "Flattest" route from Mid-Atlantic to Grand Canyon area

    I live in Knoxville and Smoky is right also there is a lot of construction but once you get thru it is a beautiful ride from Knoxville to Nashville. Once you get to Nashville it will be flat until you get to New Mexico for the most part. It was on this trip which was my first in an Rv by the way...
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