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    Soo.. Just how horrible IS it to own a gas motorhome ???

    If my budget was 85K I'd be in a beautiful used dp. Something like that 02 CC Allure over at ppl right now. Talk about bang for your buck, ta heck with a new gasser that you are going to loose your azz on a resale.
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    2003 Fleetwood Discovery, good unit?

    I keep the roof and my whole rig spotless. However the previous didn't spend much time keeping the roof clean. I had a heckuva time cleaning the TPO the first couple times. It still isn't up to my standards, but I'm the only one that sees
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    House Batteries for Fleetwood?????

    as long as you are there might as well swap and change the wiring to 2 6 volt batterys.
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    2003 Fleetwood Discovery, good unit?

    Disco's are nice rigs. Downside is the TPO roof, though I have a 01 southwind and my roof is fine. When I'm ready for a dp I'll be looking for a 34ft 3 slide Disco or Expedition.
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    Length of Motorhome VS. Places I Can Stay

    My first rv was a 24ft C. We have a 32ftA now. We go to many state beaches where things can be real tight. There would have been problems at 35ft or bigger. You should have no problems at 30ft.
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    New to the forum... Shopping for a A Class... Love your help

    My first rig was a 24ft Tioga class C. It was a nice rig that served us for 3 years. 2 years ago we upgraded to a 01 32v Southwind single slide. We love this rig. Not too big...we can still get in our favorite spots no problem. It drives way easier than the 24ft'r. I tow a 21ft boat or our jeep...
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    Towing Certain Cars?

    I tow a 02 HOV8 GC. Got it from a member here. Thanks Dave!! We love it. Tows behind the gas Southwind easily with no mods. Its fast, roomy, AWD so it goes anywhere, and I can tow my 6Klb boat with it. Try doing that with a car.
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    1997 Tioga - propane won't flow after tank refill.

    Yep, when I had my 96 Tioga  I used to have to reset the detector switch a couple times before gas would flow.
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    Moutain route

    Sorry for the OT but what kind of solar kit did you get? I've been wanting to do the same thing.
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    Tankless water heaters

    Maybe I'm a dumb ass but we just had a tankless installed at my house. It didn't need much electricity at all. Only enough to light the pilot. I don't understand why they would be such an energy hog on an rv.
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    Tankless water heaters

    I just had a tankless installled in my house. My first gas billl went down 15 bucks. Nice
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    Screen Rooms

    I want a add a room. Those things are nice.
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    Electric Step Problem

    key in the ignition???
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    Opinions wanted on Fleetwood Pace Arrow

    You can't go wrong with the Pace, though at 36ft I'd be looking used diesel.
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    Should levelers be used at home or while stored?

    I store my rig jacks down on 2 inch blocks up front and 6 inch blocks rear. They don't have to extend very far.  I think its a great idea to take some weight off the tires and suspension when not in use. 
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