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    How to Find Happiness With LiFePO4 (Lithium-Ion) Batteries

    came across this very informative discussion on LIFePO4 batteries.
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    swivel recliner base

    I have a RV recliner that I must reposition every time I set or close up my camper. I had it reupholstered and it has a particle board lazy susan type of base. after about 6 months, I got it back and it will not slide on my carpet as easily as it used to slide. any suggestions on what to cover...
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    landing jack gearset repair kit

    Lippert p/n 146059/Venture Landing Leg Gear Repair Kit Lippert p/n 146060/Venture Landing Leg Gear Repair Kit These are 12 x 16 tooth gear sets for landing legs. The only apparent difference is the machined shaft on gear set kit p/n 146059 I found these on amazon.
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    my Lippert jack motor 1A65012-02-03 problem

    This motor is used in several leveling systems. I am having problems with my 2.0 leveling jacks that have this motor. They were showing LR jack error or RR jack error. I ohmed out the motor at the controller and when the motor would not work it showed open circuit. I disassembled the motor and...
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    Water transfer pump

    I used a 12 volt pump like this harbor freight one. I changed the clips for an rv plug. I carried extra water to deer camp in 35 gallon drums back then. click here
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    Gag! Sulphur in water heater

    I bought and use this wrench for my hot water tank drain.
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    Memphis to Destiny Parks and Pavillion @Ft Campbell, ky

    I've started planning a trip for this summer back east. I was considering taking hwy 79 from Memphis to Ft Campbell. I will be towing a 35 foot fifth wheel and was hoping to stay a night or two at Destiny Parks and Pavilion on Ft Campbell for my first stop on my way to DC. was wanting to see the...
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    Fresh water tank wont completly fill

    mine does like kevins. It backs up and comes out the fill and has only 1/2 tank,  if I don't reduce the flow. It takes me about 20 -30 minutes to fill my fresh water tank tank.
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    Crater lake to sacramento via Lassen Volcanic np

    On July 6 2017 I came down from Crater Lake. I took 89 from Mt Shasta to 44. I felt adventurous and I was going to take the scenic route through the park and head down to red bluff on my way to Sacramento. When I got there 44 was closed at about 12 miles in from intersection because of snow. :(...
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    Crater Lake visited

    Visited Crater Lake,Or and area during July 4th, 2017 holiday and I Camped at BrokenArrow Campground site G3. Which is about ? mile from Diamond Lake This is a national forest campground no water or electricity on individual sites. It has clean modern restroom/showers and a few water spigots...
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    Yoesmite NP and Sequioa NP for me.

    both have individual reasons to visit and I would hate to make such a choice. Although  I tended to like Yosemite 55 over 45 for sequoia, both have tremendous and impressive natural beauty. both are really crowded during the summer.
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    Yoesmite NP and Sequioa NP for me.

    I was at Yosemite NP and Sequoia NP July  2017.  I did not have reservations and it was difficult to find open sites. I found place at the Mariposa fairgrounds while visiting Yosemite. It was a large grassy field with campsites on the perimeter. They had water and 30 amp service. @$35.00 /night...
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    D.O.T. tire code breakout app for android

    go to google play store  download free app by the tire safety group.  "free tire facts" tells where and when a tire was made by the dot code on a tire.
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    Easy Trick to Boost Your RV?s Freshwater Tank Capacity

    what I have used in the past was this 12 volt pump I transferred water from drums to rv when boondocking to replenish my tank. it has male garden hose connections on the inlet and outlet
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    ~~backup camera fisheye look

    Hi a newbie here. I  just purchased  a 2015 33 foot fifth wheel trailer. I just started looking at RV backup camera systems. I was all set to order a 10 inch 4 cam system then I came across some Youtube videos. And the videos showed that the camera output had a bit of a fisheye look to them...
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