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    Emergency Engine start.

    I believe you will find that switch energizes a solenoid to interconnect the 2 battery systems. With my Winnebago ERA, it energized automatically to allow the alternator to provide charging current to the house batteries while driving. Because of this, it is common for the contacts to become...
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    My coachman curcit panel is arching idk why

    Where are you plugged in? It sounds like you may have a center neutral wire loose at the supply service box. This can cause a 120 vac line "float" causing the voltage to go higher (toward 240 vac depending on loads and just how bad the connection is).
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    Dometic furnace thermostat is bonkers

    My guess is it is a loose connection, maybe the wire connections.
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    Treadmill won't work in RV

    Since he can run the treadmill using an extension cord to a nearby building, but not with any other source, I would suspect a miswire somewhere within the RV. He doesn't say, but if he must plug the shore service power cord into a special outlet to use the generator, it could be in the power...
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    Camper on an F150

    It's for parking on an unlevel campsite.
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    Wales win the Triple Crown

    How long will we be hearing about this, Tom?;)
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    MO/OK halfway point (IL to TX)

    And, they're still trying to find you.
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    MO/OK halfway point (IL to TX)

    No tolls in Missouri on I-44.
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    MO/OK halfway point (IL to TX)

    I'm pretty sure there are no hookups at the rest stop. However, it is a very nice recently revamped rest stop. It has the old Route 66 motif and is well done. Being out away from heavily populated communities makes it a fairly quiet and safe stop - except for truck noises, of course. At least...
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    MO/OK halfway point (IL to TX)

    There's not much right at Springfield. There is a KOA a short distance off I-44 that looks okay. We spent 1 night there where we had to evacuate the block due to a "suspicious package" left on a neighbor's porch. Other than that, you have to get further off the main roads and more down toward...
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    Nashville explosion

    It may be terrorists, but of the domestic kind. My bet is on some local yahoos set on raising hell because politics have not gone their way.
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    Nashville explosion

    Someone was naughty and not nice.
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    Microsoft office

    You can download and install Office 365 or just use the on-line apps. If you install, Office 365 apps are available w/o Internet access. As for data being stored in the cloud, you can easily set up Office 365 to make data stored in the cloud also available on your computer so Internet access is...
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    Lookout below!

    For the "rock climbers" on here. Jeep going down.
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    Just missed me. I was on the 67-68 WestPac cruise.
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