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    Who Eats Hard Boiled Eggs?

    Spoiler alert!  :-X Mylo
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    Dry camping coffee brewing ?

    +1. French pressed coffee is divine. Mylo
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    Fourth of July RV Experience

    Wow... it's been a while since I've been around, and posted. I thought I'd tell an amusing story about my last RV trip - around the 4th of July. My local homebrewing club organized a camping trip on the top of Mt. Lemmon in Tucson. It's always a great time - and this was my first opportunity to...
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    Decal Removal- Help!!

    The dealer explicitly told him that Acetone would damage the Filon... Goof Off (not Goo Gone) would also work - but would probably also damage it. Maybe try it on an inconspicuous area, first. Mylo
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    Don't Skype or upload photos in RV parks

    Saying that someone should be allowed to use "X data blocks" per day is not the same as bandwidth. Someone streaming short videos for a short duration might only transfer a small amount of data per day - but while they are streaming them, it is clogging the park's bandwidth and affecting...
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    running air conditioners while on the road

    That's a great idea! Presumably the BTU's of the unit should more than adequately cool off the living space and the (small) cab space in my Class C. Since there was only two of us driving back to PHX from Cali last month, we just hung a couple of sheets down from the cab over bunk to just cool...
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    Alpine, CA Newbies

    Welcome... Great brewery in your hometown... Mylo
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    Apple TV

    JPW - I guess I was implying a boondocking situation, where you wanted to use the Apple TV. You'd need an inverter, like what Ned uses. It's a bummer that Apple chose to internalize their power supply in this case. Although, for the non-RVer - it's a cleaner design. My small TV that I bought...
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    Apple TV

    I also jailbroke my ATV2 with FireCore. I use it at home. Great product. How are you guys powering your ATV and/or your NAS in your RV? You trust your inverter with those sensitive pieces of electronics? Do you have the fancy, "true sine wave" models? Mylo
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    1996 Jamboree Searcher - How to?

    It sounds like you have 110v short in your system somewhere. Maybe some insulation on a wire rubbed through. Turn your transfer switch to "shore", and shut off all the breakers. Then plug it in. If it still shorts, then the problem is somewhere in that wire from the plug to the main breaker. If...
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    1996 Jamboree Searcher - How to?

    My RV is at a storage site. Unfortunately I don't have a picture of it... but I can say that you "can't miss it". It's on the wall of the lav cabinet, right next to the head. I think it's a pretty "dumb" switch that just controls what source the "main" 110v breaker gets attached to. It is a...
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    1996 Jamboree Searcher - How to?

    My 1990 Searcher has a manual transfer switch in the bathroom to change from the generator to shore power. Mylo
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    propane pressure....low vs. high

    BTW, when people say "LP Gas", the LP designation is really "liquid propane", and not necessarily "low pressure". The homebrewers I talk to frequently use those two interchangeably and incorrectly. Mylo
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    It sounds like the sink drain marries the shower drain before they both dump into the grey tank. Toilet goes to separate tank, and the kitchen sink must have its own path to the grey tank. I would assume that it's probably caused by a clump of soap and hair from the shower. I'd try the snake...
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    History of RV's in Photos

    Wow! Those amphibious versions were genius! Why can't a TT be just a houseboat/RV? That eleMMent was pretty sick, too! Mylo
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