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    Piece of History gone

    i haven't heard anything more on it but from my point of view it has to be arson. they have said they have cameras on it since the rebuild but i'm not for sure that isn't just a rumor. it was supposed to be the longest covered bridge east of the Mississippi. it was 248ft long.
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    Piece of History gone

    here are some pics of the Mt Zion bridge that was rebuilt a couple years ago. it's 150yrs old and was special to the community as their pride and joy. now it's gone in a fire set by some low life or lives.
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    Storing RV

    if you decide to turn the fridge and inverter off , prop the fridge door open so mold won't form inside.
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    decals falling off

    had a employee at the local rv dealer tell me that a good pressure washer will tear the decals off quick.
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    Cleaning the roof

    i've always used dawn / bleach on the roof and the awning with success. no doubt the cheapest to use too.
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    towing MPG

    when considering fuel milage pulling the trailer, you have to factor in wind resistance. that resistance follow the square law. for every doubling the speed the air resistance increases by a factor of 4. i put one of the ARE toppers on my 6.6ltr sierra that slopes up at the rear and it improved...
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    Tow Vehicle Weight Rating Adjustment

    I always though there is a world of difference between wow I can pull another 1000lbs and safely pulling another 1000lbs. is the truck able to handle the load if the brake controller quits working. I've had that happen.
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    carrying extra fuel

    I keep my five 5gallon diesel fuel containers full. when the price of diesel goes up I use my stash and when it's on sale I fill everything back up.
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    carrying extra fuel

    I travel interstate from point a to point b and you have fuel all the way. I carry extra fuel because there is always the possibility of some interruption in the regular running of systems. there is always the possibility of satellite interruption and it would be cash only at the fuel stops or...
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    12V power issue

    the furnace on our toy hauler would work fine on the battery power but on 120 ac and the battery disconnect switch off, the furnace would light and the fan ran very slow. it was the output of the converter. I replaced that unit with a new one and fixed the old one and have it mounted on the work...
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    Man, that was close

    another dangerous situation to watch out for is when you are on the interstate pulling you trailer and you pull out to pass a laboring semi going up a steep hill and as you pass the truck you give the right turn signal and the yokel behind you decides to pass you on the right as you attempt to...
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    How Much Stuff Is Too Much Stuff?

    dremel tool, drill & bits. dremel tool came in handy when I was 700 miles from home and forgot the key to the hardened locks on the toy hauler ramp.
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    "You'll be fine, just put some more air in the tires"

    there isn't enough helium for party balloons now much less tires.
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    Propane alarm goes off like an alarm clock

    those propane detectors do have a life span, I've had to replace mine twice and just like all the info on the net mine went out at 5 year intervals. mine just staid on all the time when it went TU.
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    Ants in my new (preowned) RV

    ants don't like used coffee grounds either, can't get any more organic than that.
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