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    Ford 7.3L V-8

    As far as I know the new Chevy class C's still have the 6.0. The few that they make now. Not sure when/if they will ever get the 6.6. Will probably happen eventually or Chevy just may not offer that chassis for RV's anymore. Nexus does have the new Rebel 4x4 which is basically a Chevy chassis...
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    Ford 7.3L V-8

    The largest GM V-8 gas engine is actually a 6.6L now. Yes it is confusing because the diesel is also 6.6. Not sure the specs on the new 6.6 gas engine but probably better than the 6.0.
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    Has anyone used Flex Seal around Vents and Skylites?

    I was not impressed with the Flexseal spray. Used it on a non-rv project. I prefer the Gorilla brand, cheaper also. Not sure if Gorilla has liquid and/or spray. Used gorilla tape for the vent on my pop-up. Has held up so far. Better than the duct tape I used the year before. Haha
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    Toad Suggestions Hope this helps. The guides are listed by year and you may have to scroll down about half way to get to the vehicle listings. Not a lot to choose from for smaller cars, especially automatics. Chevy Sonic might be your best bet. I'm sure others...
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    Need help deciding between two trucks

    That's an easy one for me just based on the two carfaxes. I would go with the Ram. It looks to be a one owner lease return with no accidents. It's also from the south. The GMC has had two owners and been in an accident. It also spent some time in Wisconsin which means salt and rust. History is...
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    Advice for Buying a Popup

    We have a 1993 palomino filly popup. We found it on Craigslist for $950. We've had it 7 years or so. It has actually worked out really well for us. Our kids are 8 and 5. We take it out a couple times a year. It does have some staining on the canvas. I would say staining or rips/tears on the...
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