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    You need one of there!

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    21 Thor ACE 27.2. Only 4,000+ miles

    hor Motor Coach A.C.E. Model 27.2 is approximately 28 feet 10 inches in length and rides on Fords new chassis featuring a 7.3L PFI V-8, 350HP, 468 ft. lbs. torque engine, a 6-speed TorqShift® automatic transmission, an updated instrument cluster, automatic headlights and a tilt/telescoping...
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    Looking for Battery tie down straps

    Thank you guys, due to battery acid damage the “U” shaped clamps were eaten away. I’ll check your suggestions
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    Looking for Battery tie down straps

    Need to replace the house battery tie down strap & clamps on my 2021 Thor ACE motor home. Having a hard time locating a replacement. Basically a black “fabric type strap and a clamp with teeth to hold I tight.
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    Fresh water tank question

    Found problem to be a leak in the tank itself. Thor replacing under warranty as well as wood trim that was damaged.
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    Fresh water tank question

    Just purchased a new Thor ACE RV. Got it home & filled fresh water tank. Once full I noticed some water on the inside floor, traced leak to the PVC line which leads to the fresh water drain valve, can’t reach leak which is above storage bay outside and the bay was filling up with water...
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    We bought a new 2021 Tesla

    Maybe you could tape a set of heavy work gloves to the wheel? 🧐
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    Anyone have a DirtDevil vac?

    Check impeller at bag end, remove and clean as well.  Also as stated earlier clog could be within your long hose and not the unit.
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    Is this a good substitute for Silicone spray?

    Yes, also good to coat auto leveling jack rods.  Spray first with WD40, wipe clean then spray with the dry lube and leave it.  Will not attract dirt.
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    Removing the 3-M stone shield on the front of MH

    I just removed this crap from the front nose of my 2017 Class A.  Had been on there since new.  Had mold spots and Yellowing.  I watched every Utube video I could find.  Started with the hair dryer method with little luck.  Was able to peal back most of it by hand and then tried Goo Gone and a...
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    Illegal Camping/RVing

    My concern is where are they dumping their waste?  It?s obvious where the garbage is going...
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    Fueling Issue

    Wow, seems like an industry wide issue.  Nice to know we pay big bucks for our rigs and we can?t even fuel them properly!  By the way what is the proper angle in their specs?
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    Fueling Issue

    Glad it?s not a mechanical issue!  Still annoying when trying to fill.  I will try opening the other filler and see if that helps.  Not fun when there are a line of truckers waiting behind you.  ?. Thanks for all the input.
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    Water Pump on/off

    Ok good to know it won?t hurt.  Wasn?t aware it pulled from fresh water tank when on and connected to city water....?
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    Fueling Issue

    Regardless of which side I fuel my class A from I have issues with the vent.  Diesel keeps backing up to the filler and I have to stop to allow fuel to go down or only put the nozzle slightly into the filler and fuel very slowly!  Not fun if I have to fill a lot...again this happens on both...
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