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    Making your mattress more comfortable

    Our TT came with a standard RV Queen. We pulled it out and replaced it with a super comfy Sealy individual coil queen. The length over hangs 8 inches or so, but a huge improvement over the factory…..
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    RV overweight and touching ground - advice needed

    It sounds to me that this damage was there before you even bought it. The previous owner may have installed the new shocks to “help” the problem, which it may have temporarily done. I agree with the others that your first course of action is to get it scaled, then work on your suspension...
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    Potential overseas RV owner

    Winter camp in the southern states or Mexico, and go North in the summer. We camp from May to October in Southern Manitoba, Canada 🌞
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    Does an RV need a metal sheeting underbelly?

    We have a 2001 37’ KZ that has a 1/8 thick continuous plastic sheeting that covers the entire underside. Metal would better keep out vermin …..
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    Free Dog named Riley

    Thank you for the update !!!
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    Advice on possible purchase of new travel trailer and if our towing vehicle is sufficient. Thanks so much for any advice!

    My trailer has similar specs with respect to CGVW. I pull mine with a 2010 Tundra SR5 5.7 litre, and we are at the trucks weight limits, and our trailer is loaded to capacity. I’m happy with my trucks pulling performance at the upper end of its capacity. I think you may struggle on hills of any...
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    Hi! Newbie RV Lover

    We did that for 8 weeks at a time in the summers of 2017, and 2018. The people we met and the scenery was/were incredible. Campers are great people. Beautiful Memories !! You’ll love it….🛣
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    Trailer Wheels/Tires

    I unhooked on a cement pad with the tires stressed in that position. Soon as it came off the ball, the trailer rotated almost a foot. Not a safe situation even with the tires blocked…..
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    Help with low water pressure

    Maybe you ought to get someone in there to figure out your valve situation……🤞🏽
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    Help with low water pressure

    You have a shut-off valve between your fresh water tank and 12 volt pump ?
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    Help with low water pressure

    (pump is not used, as I use pressure from hose hook-up..) Does your 12v pump work ?
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    Tire warnings??

    if Toyota or Honda started making RV’s, I’d be the first to buy one…….
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    RV Park BS

    I love your photo collage……we all need one of those !!
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    Guidance for electrical outlet needed.

    We just went through the same thing at our abandoned farm. Our Electric company won’t allow us to put our own service box on their pole, so we put in a new pole 15’ from their pole, and installed an outdoor service box on our pole. 3 30 amp RV plugs and 3 20 amp GFI outlets were then mounted on...
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