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    '20 Buick Envision as a Towed Vehicle

    I have not had that issue. We have ove 3000 towing miles on the setup. Ours is set to autostop all the time. Here is the excerpt from the owners manual: Dinghy Towing To dinghy tow the vehicle from the front with all four wheels on the ground: 1. Position the vehicle to tow and then secure...
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    Battery maintenance question: okay to use the charger converter to maintain a battery for a month?

    My coach, with converter/chatger is plugged in nearly all the time that we are not traveling. Does a great job of maintaining the batteries.
  3. phil-t

    Class A Leveling

    I use these on my single and dual wheeled motorhome, when needed.
  4. phil-t

    RV park up and running

    That is great news. Best wishes, I am sure your park will become a busy place as it is discovered. I submitted a listing on the "RV Parky" web site/app.
  5. phil-t

    Advise on generator operation

    I don't know about those sound meter apps. They might be OK for a relative reading, but don't think they are too accurate. Might depend on the phone? I have that app, and a couple others, that I have tried. Trying to get a reading on the sound level of my ATV exhaust. Some of the trails I...
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    Converting a Generator to Propane

    Third PIC strikes me as "funny" Propane bottle>>>Generator>>>Tesla. Where's the "green" in that? Just struck me, that's all. How many MPG? LOL
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    Seeking recommendations: Maine

    I90 is a decent road but I hate the heavy truck traffic that runs it, especially Buffalo to Syracuse; eastern side is not as bad. Maine is beautiful. We still have Acadia NP on our list to cross off. Hopefully later this summer/fall. I have a Son on the Cape and one in Southern Maine and a...
  8. phil-t

    Got Somebody You Want To Get Rid Of? This May Be The Place To Do It.

    Don't think I'd be willing to test the law there. :unsure:
  9. phil-t

    2020-2021 Ford motorhome chassis recall

    Exactly, what parts are you waiting for? Related to this recall? Curious. I doubt any warranty will compensate you for any loss beyond the parts and labor to do a covered repair.
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    Wandering ...

    We usually have a general route and places to visit planned for a 3-4 month adventure. Seldom make a reservation until the day we travel for that night. We use mostly private campgrounds and state, village parks. We like the flexibility of changing plans and finding places to visit. Though it...
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    Overnight Stay Research

    I'm with Isaac - I use several apps and Google. I was introduced to a new-to-me site this year and have used it successfully a few times this spring, while traveling the northeast. Faithful Parking
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    Q from newbies shopping for Class A to transport furry family x-country

    Ya, maybe, not what I was looking for. It was a '10 Vista 32k - bunk model which is another claim of desired features, today. I think the market is going to look way different in a year, maybe two.
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    Q from newbies shopping for Class A to transport furry family x-country

    I have not seen this price change at all. I spent the last two months looking for a newer MH near my home base and have found several reasonably priced units. I just sold my '10 Vista for nearly what I paid 4 years ago - it was a good deal then and still was at my selling price. The unit I...
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    RV's: The Big Rip!

    At least, if you buy a 2-3 year old unit, you have the oportunity to check/inspect thoroughly before laying down any cash. If it's a lemon or has problems it should be obvious. Well, if the inspector/buyer knows what to look for.
  15. phil-t

    Keep rv plugged in at home?

    Do you have an example of a humidity control add on for typical RV rooftop units? Or are you suggesting a dehumidifier (like portable)?
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