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    Moon light bicycle ride in Acadia NP

    what a great adventure! Thanks for sharing.
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    New to RVing, need list of essentials!

    It took a couple of trips for us to get a good idea of what we needed, or really didn't need. I am one of the "just in case" or "if this happens we'll need' packers. I would, and sometimes still, way over load with groceries, (so far haven't missed a meal) and clothes (so far haven't had to go...
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    New RV'r with a Barth..

    Welcome Bob & family and Buford. Love the classic & antique RVs. Best of luck and keep in touch with your travels and take lots of pictures.
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    Unexpected windshield issue

    Wow - I'm dizzy! That must have been painful to have that happen your 1st time out! I admire how you got it to this point. I'm glad you were able to keep using your coach. We are concerned that the windshield will fall out. I appreciate the tips & the insights. We take it to the body shop...
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    Unexpected windshield issue

    I know...silly me....but I need to be hopeful about something! :giggle:
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    Unexpected windshield issue

    DH took the coach to a couple glass places as well as the body shop to look at the fiberglass piece under the windshield. It sounded like one glass place didn't want to deal with it. The 2nd could replace the windshield but not with the repair to the fiberglass. Body shop could fix the...
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    Unexpected windshield issue

    Thanks all for the replies. The insurance co didn't have any referrals so will do some research. They did send an adjuster today to take pictures to send to the RV special adjuster. The trucking company hasn't called back yet so will have to keep calling them. We don't have any trips planned...
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    Unexpected windshield issue

    We were on I70 westbound close to Hays KS. DH started to pass the semi and all of a sudden big chunks of ice came off the top of the trailer and hit the windshield. Not only broke the windshield but hit and dented the fiberglass strip under the windshield. Although there were some language...
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    What is your favorite fast food restaurant?

    Noodles & Co or Wendys for salads.
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    Life is not Boring with Renae

    Both those houses are beautiful! I'm sure the new one will be like home in no time. We visited family that live in Henderson and they took us to a great "hole in the wall" restaurant. I will find the receipt & get the name. Best of luck in this new adventure.
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    Hello from family of full time rving

    Hi there & welcome to the forum! Glad to hear you have found what fits your needs. Happy Travels!
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    Backup Alarm - Yay or Nay

    Our Travel Supreme has one, and it was loud. I felt bad the few times we were backing up in a campground. The diesel engine is loud enough. Not only that but when I was spotting, and that was going off, DH had a hard time hearing me. But I didn't want to disconnect it, kind of liked the idea...
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    Goodyear G159 tires article - warning long post

    Sounds like the dealer wasn't an advocate.:(
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    Goodyear G159 tires article - warning long post

    The article did say that, but may be sitting around as spares or on older motorhomes. There is still litigation going on though. Just was an interesting article.
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    Finished phase 1 moved TV & fireplace

    Thank you! It took 3 months, he'd work on it, then we'd had to travel, then bring it back, more work etc. They were soooo busy & it should have been a winter project. But it was worth it.
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