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    weboost Home Room?

    I think a mobile router (cellular to Lan/WiFi) is what I want. It will be used on T-Mobile Most of the time but the ability to use a Verizon sim when there is no T-Mobile service Would be good. There doesn’t seem to be many that do T-Mobile & Verizon. I found one from MoFi and I think...
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    Pulling a 7000 pound trailer with a Ram question

    Yes, a 1500 can tow that but the real question is can yours do it. Pretty much every truck off of the assembly line has different abilities. Read your yellow sticker for info on your truck.
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    Early in the morning

    I found the colors to be much more vibrant. It did take a day or so for the eye to sorta normalize. I also found that the eye changed a little bit at a time for several months. For me, I started out with 2.5 diopter and am now 1.25. At $3 per pair at Ocean State Job Lot, I don’t mind.
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    Water Pump Location

    Are there quieter ones? I swear ours is mounted to a sounding board? How about pressure tanks to have it run less often?
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    weboost Home Room?

    We would like to be able to have either cellular as wan or WiFi as wan though just cellular might be fine. Peplink has a WiFi as wan unit that can also use USB as wan. I am assuming (yes, bad idea) that connecting a phone to that USB port would let both of us access the internet (iPad & mac...
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    Eek, I done it

    No, if we can decide on a box to get us internet on the lan in the trailer…
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    Ideas For Mobile External Blackwater Tank

    That isn’t a septic tank. Not a tank. It is a cesspool. A septic tank allows the solids to be pumped. I would use your idea for grey water but never for black. get a tote or a service
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    Early in the morning

    I had mine done a few years ago. I wear cheap reading glasses for up close stuff. A pair of $3 in every room. I am typing this without glasses sitting at a bar. It is ably 15 minutes for the actual procedure but it was an hour of prep while they numbed the eye muscles and applied antibiotics...
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    weboost Home Room?

    I just came up for air after working nearly 7 days a week since March to get the house ready for sale. Now we need a good internet connection and WiFi in the trailer. I have been looking at Peplink home/office models. I am torn between WiFi as Wan vs Cellular as Wan models. One WiFi as Wan model...
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    Eek, I done it

    Short update… things are good. We are up in NH now and still working on the house. 200 mile round trips, restaurant food and just sleeping in the trailer. Today is our first real day off since March. House is being shown yesterday and today. There is light at the end of the tunnel and we don’t...
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    RV Tires

    No, I meant among the dealers as well as warehouse. If they are a year old, what would you suggest? Drive on the rims or keep the worn ones? Didnt think so. I am changing them mid trek when we change campgrounds on July 1.
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    RV Tires

    I am getting Goodyear Endurance for my trailer in a couple of weeks. Very hard to find up here in the northeast. Sullivan Tire only had 8 listed in inventory. I wanted load range E but I could not find that on the Goodyear site.
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    Boondockers Heat shelter

    If we don’t find a new house by end of October, we plan to head for the southwest. It would be great to meet you Bill.
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    Can I get my TT into my driveway?

    In any case, be sure to get out of the tv often to go look yourself. I often get out 6 or more times even with a spotter. At home with my utility trailer I still get out plenty
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    We really enjoyed the Buffalo Trace distillery. Makers was my favorite. Four Roses was great tour though I dont care for the bourbon.
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